I Am Tired Of Nigerian Internet, User Reacts To Government’s Plan To Increase Data Price

Hello Esther.ng, good day and hope you are doing great. I just thought to share my opinion about the increase in Data tariff.

Nations around the world are creating opportunities for development through I.C.T by operating free to air WiFi services so information can be assessed at the tip of your fingers, but funny and wicked enough, our New Nigeria regime deems it fit to increase tariffs on Data usage, the only source and easy way of accessing the Internet by coercing

all Networks providers to act in that directive in-spite of the poor services rendered to Nigerians.

With all these, are we positioned to achieve our Substainable development goals? Not to talk of the untold hardship rocking the nation already and now you want to reduce their access to information?

Have they considered its effects on Education? And we have educated National House of Assembly representatives well seated and the masses mute? Haven’t we been taken for a ride for so long by politicians?

Our best brains will continue to leave the shores of this nation and put their best resources and talents to use in nations around the world that would provide them such opportunities. I honestly give up on my country.

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