How To Pursue A Commercial Pilot Career (Jet, Aeroplane & Helicopters)

Man had always been fascinated with the idea of flying with the birds and even centuries after the realization of this dream and the fulfillment of his fascinations, young men and women around the globe still fantasize of flying around the world and beyond in these metal crafts.
Also with the seeming increase of the middle lass, the number and frequency of air travels among Nigerian people is on a steady increase and as such air travel companies are ripped with opportunities for the commercial pilots; making this a very attractive career option for young people to pursue.
If you dream of going down this path in life, then you have three routes to make your dream come through:
Firstly, is to join the Nigerian Defense Academy and choose the path of the Nigerian Air force pilot. This is unarguably the best path to becoming a commercial pilot because the training you will receive will be top class training together with the discipline and prestige. Even commercial airliners seem to consider military trained pilots before others.
Another path is to enroll into an accredited academy or university. A simple Google search will provide you with a list of accredited institutions in Nigeria but polls shows Landover Institute in Lagos is the best center in Nigeria. Nigerian institute of Aviation in Kaduna was also praised as note worthy. In these institutes, you will receive excellent flight training and maybe even simulations. You may be industry ready after graduation. If you can travel to the states, Phoenix Aviation College will even find you placement after graduation.
Lastly is the use of personal flight instructors. Even though I don’t know any flight instructor in Nigeria but I assume you can easily find one by asking at the aviation college near you. The advantage of this method of entrance is the hands on challenges and experiences that you will gain. However, without the theoretical education you will get in aviation schools and Military academy, you may struggle in the tests that the airlines may request you take.
After acquiring your pilot license and rating through any of the processes described above, you will also need flight experience and you can get this constructively by becoming a flight instructor yourself. As an instructor, you will get to train other in flying and enhance your own skills while being paid.
Normally, you will have to start with single engine carrier and gain more than a 100 hour of flight before attempting the dual engine carriers. You can fast track your path by having a network of already experienced pilots who could recommend you and refer you to jobs, instructors and opportunities in the field.
Are you still interested in pursuing a career as a commercial aircraft pilot or do you know anybody who is interested in this line of work? Share your experiences in the comment section below and don’t forget that sharing is sexy… 
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