Ora also known as Oha, is a unique vegetable hence does not have a good alternative. The traditional Ora soup is native to the South Eastern Nigeria; the Ibos. Virtually every Ibo household, home and abroad, eats the traditional Ora soup. It is a very traditional soup similar to the Bitter leaf soup, but cooked with Ora leaves. Besides, the traditional Ora Soup is special because the tender Ora leaves used in preparing this soup recipe are seasonal unlike their bitterleaf counterpart which can be found all year round. The most enjoyable part of the Ora leaves is that they are usually crunchy and delicious hence, you long to chew more substituting it for your meat…lol.

This leaf or vegetable and its taste are the only distinguishing things between the Ora Soup and the Bitter leaf soup. They taste so different such that it is hard to believe the difference just one ingredient can make in a recipe This becomes a complete and filing meal when served with fufu, eba, semovita, semolina or wheat. Therefore, you should switch to the Ibo lifestyle this weekend and prepare yourself a lovely homemade traditional Ora soup like this one this weekend?

Ora soup-Madivas-2016

Ora soup

The ingredients needed for ora soup are as follows;

  • Cocoyam corms/ cocoyam flour/ potato flour.
  • Vegetable: Ora leaves.
  • Assorted Beef: Includes best cut, shaki (cow tripe).
  • Palm Oil.
  • Assorted Fish: Dry Fish and Stock Fish.
  • Chilli pepper.
  • Salt.
  • Ground crayfish.
  • Ogiri Igbo (optional).
  •  Stock cubes.

Here’s a video on how to prepare Ora (Oha) soup;

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