How To Prepare For 21st Century Job Hunting

Technological innovation has been on the rise and moving at a very fast pace and this is as a result of the internet which allows you to connect, innovate, create platforms of all kinds, its transparency, and so much more. It pays to get familiar with new technologies; 42% of companies are now using video interviews to recruit roles, while 45% of employers now use social media to screen job candidates. Job seekers are also increasingly using online profiles to find jobs and also trying to keep up with new ways of job hunting.

What new ways of job hunting are available? There are so many different platforms where you can find job vacancies through social media, submitting CVs online and also in person(not very common nowadays). The most common method is applying online for job vacancies through various job portals and social media platforms like Linkedin.

The use of the internet has made almost everything transparent, nothing seems to be hidden anymore. When looking for jobs online, it’s better to keep your online profile with a good impression. It’s surprising especially for very big companies, that they search for your profile through your social media accounts using your name when considering your job application. When you search for your name through Google search especially when you are active on different social media platforms, definitely something pops up about you, most especially your Facebook account. Like a friend said, she has two Facebook accounts with different names. One of her accounts was for professional use which is accessible for everyone who would want to search for her when considering her for business, job applications, applications to institutions, or professional related matters  and the other Facebook account is for her personal and fun activities which is private. That is also a good idea, if you can keep operating both accounts.

What you want the company to see when they search for you online should tell to a certain extent about who you are and what you can bring to the table based on the content of your posts, interests, activities and what you share. Make sure your social media profiles are clean and ensure that it supports your professional goal.

A good way for job hunting is building a professional online presence on LinkedIn. If you are already have an account on LinkedIn, try to make sure it is updated, there is no limit to what can be shared on your LinkedIn account, if you have written articles, done some research, projects, awards, voluntary jobs or any professional related activities, it should be included in your profile. It helps employers to have detailed information about you. Your CV does that, but there not so much that can be included in your CV as it just a summary of all your educational and professional achievements. According to Burik, “You need to explore and identify the keywords that employers use when they look for people in your target job then use those words to describe yourself in your LinkedIn profile.”

Another way of finding jobs online is through job portals like Jobberman, Hot Nigerian Jobs, and many others. You should register on these sites and fill in your profile or upload your CV and also subscribe to receive new job openings to keep you up-to-date about the job vacancies available. There is also an opportunity to narrow your search on the kind of job alerts you want to receive from these sites. Some of the sites also have forums where you can discuss with other users regarding various topics on Job related matters, companies, and share their experiences as well during interviews and more, a good example too is Nairaland. If you also have companies you would like to work with, you can always go through the company’s career section on their website and search for recent job openings within the company.

To sum it up…

Keep your online presence up to date and professional at all times. Check your profiles and make sure they are all current, accurate and correct. Social media is in real time, don’t fail to keep your skills and current situation updated.
Use the terms the company uses to describe what they want. In this way you will draw a line between your experiences and the job description so the viewer will understand how you fit the job. Make this consistent across all your branded materials like your; CV, LinkedIn and other social media profiles.
Build relationships by asking questions and offering information that can be useful to other people. Social media is about offering what and who you know to be helpful. That help will be returned when you build relationships.

It has always been who you know not just what you know. Social media is just another way to expand your network of who you know. Get out there and build some relationships. Check for various job openings on different job portals, and always apply for job vacancies that interests you (Be mindful of scams as well). One will definitely click… Keep searching and applying till you find one…

Be Positive! All the  Best!!!

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