How Do You End A Relationship Peacefully? Find Out!!!

There are definite ways in which you can end a relationship without making it look awful. Unfortunately, endings are sometimes unavoidable but I’m not encouraging it to be done often. But when it is going to happen, try to save yourself and your partner the pains of going through with it in a way both parties will come to an agreement eventually.
It actually takes a lot of courage to do this especially when the person affected is someone you wouldn’t want to hurt deliberately but there are reasons why you cannot continue with the relationship and the only option you have is to end it.
This will not work players cos those ones just zoom off and disappear whenever they like and give you the reply to your unanswered questions by not picking up your calls or reply your messages.
Some also might not see this necessary cos some people think that to stay away is better than spilling the news to their partners at that moment not knowing that such cases hurts the most. There is nothing as hurtful as having unanswered questions as to why you relationship did not work out and why the guy has decided to keep mute about it. Talking about why you should end a relationship with your partner matters a lot. It helps to make the affected move on quickly than when nothing is being said. It also helps to make the next relationship better as well.
Relationships should not be ended through phone calls, messages, in public places, or telling friends and family about it even before the person in question hears it. It should be done at the time when you know the person will be able to handle such information at that time.
A good way is to talk with your partner through it, talk about the good times you both share, things you love about him/her, the positive impact he/she has made in your life, how the relationship has been so far, the ups and downs, and the reason why you cannot go on with the relationship.
The truth is, it is always going to hurt no matter how polished it may sound or look and that is because in ending in a relationship, there is never a good time to discuss about it but ending it in the nicest way possible is what matters a lot. It will reduce the rate at which guys and ladies see themselves after a breakup cos when done in a nice and matured manner, it will hurt. 
But it’s not the end, it will only help you heal faster and you will always find love again, not to keep living in pains.

*winks* E.A.

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