Harvard To Create Mammoth-Elephant Hybrid Embryo

The woolly mammoth has not been around for at least 4,000 years but scientists from Harvard University say they are just two years away from potentially creating a mammoth-elephant hybrid embryo.

The embryo the scientists are looking to produce would be from an Asian elephant with mammoth traits programmed into it, while the genes would be taken from frozen mammoth remains.

While not exactly a mammoth, it would have a lot of mammoth traits like shaggy hair, small ears and blood that allows it to withstand freezing temperatures.

It would take more years though to go from creating an embryo to having a full-fledged mammophant as the goal would be to nurture it within an artificial womb, as the previous idea of implanting the embryo into a live elephant came under fire for being cruel since the animal would likely die as a result of the procedure.

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