Romance & Relationships

Guys Which Of This Response Do You Get

A. Wife Not Happy!

B. Wife Very Happy!!

I used to be in the category A above but
an incident happened that
finally changed my story:

It was a very cool Monday morning at work
and I just receive a letter of transfer to
Niger state, Minna to be precise,
I had to go for two days training to
boost my departmental knowledge.
I decide to spend the night at
one of my old friend’s place
whose name is Tony,
so I can relax well and
prepare for the training
I have already called him immediately
my flight took off, so we arrange to
meet at the airport.
We meant exactly as arranged,
exchange greetings and drove
straight to his house.
In the evening we sat in his
balcony to chat about old times
and take few drinks.
Tony whom we nicknamed Mr malt back
then in school brought one malt
for himself and send someone
to go get red wine for me.
I asked him
“So Tony you still take malt Up till now,
guy you will never change at all , hope
it doesn’t affect your performance
on bed because all this drinks are
just too sugary for my liking”
He laugh and said
“No it doesn’t affect
me at all”
We took some drinks, his wife
brought some fufu and Egusi soup,
we ate and later I left for my room
During the night I came to the parlour
to read and watch Tv because I was
not feeling sleepy at all
I was just 5 minute into the parlour
when I start hearing some noise
from Tony’s bedroom
I move closer to check what is happening
and the noise turn to a mild noise
I move closer once more and the noise
turn to moaning then I realize
my friend and his wife must
be having a good time.
So I went back to my sit,
put my head phones on and
loud the music and act
as if nothing happened
Like 20 minute later I decide to
remove my head phone, so I
can read some few magazine
I saw in the parlour while
waiting for sleep to come
To my greatest surprise I could
still hear the moaning sound
of Tony’s wife coming from
their bedroom
I was shocked!
 Not because of the sound
but because Tony was
still keeping it real
like a man after
good 20 minute
I decided to stay mute and
see when this will end
This action went on till after
43 minute before the moaning
sound stopped
I actually timed it because I
was so surprised that there
are still men who can last
so much up to 43 minute
on bed with a woman
before they cum
It was obvious my friend’s
wife was really enjoy it
This really gave me sleepless night
because even me that usually think
am very energetic on bed, I have
never last that long
So how can Tony of all people
be better than me on bed.
I was thinking about it till
I slept off.
The following morning immediately
I woke up I saw Tony already
dressing up for work
I didn’t know how to start the
issue so we just greet and
I left to take my bath
Seeing the mood I was
Tony asked me
 “What is wrong with you man
you look so worried”
So I spill the beans and ask
Oh boy how on earth did you get
so much energy to do what you
did last night even when you
know am around, you want me
to be missing my wife isn’t?
He laugh and told me he purposely
did it because he knew I will
hear the noise
He said when real men are having
great time with their wife the
woman has no choice than
to moan like a baby
He went further to say
“My wife thought you were
asleep so she was moaning
as usual, as if no one is
inside the house except
the both of us”
He further said
“Brother sometimes I do go
up to 50 – 60 minute plus
before I cum”
I interrupt him immediately
“Well Tony leave story please tell me
how you get this energy to last
so long on bed like this”
Then he went inside his room
and brought out his secret
Lo and behold
It was

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