For Employers and Employees: What Is “Old” Exactly???

Who is old? When do you become old??? Am I already old? These are questions a lot of us ask ourselves. The truth some of us fail to realise is, there is no standard definition of old age.

Personal opinions about exactly when old age is reach are based on attitudes and social values but also on how the labour market and the world in general reacts to older employees and people as a whole.

Kindly answer these questions;
Is a 30-year-old student quite old or quite young?
Is a 30-year-old HR manager quite old or quite young?
Is a 40-year-old pensioner Quite old or Quite Young?
Is a 50-year-old waiter/waitress quite old or quite young?

I am 99% positive that most of us feel that a 30-year-old student is is quite old, whereas a 30-year-old HR manager is quite young. A 40 -year-old pensioner sounds young to us, while a 50-year-old waiter/waitress would seem quite old.

There is no common definition of old age!!! As a general rule, age is based on social conventions and at the end of the day, you are only as old as you feel…

*winks* E.A.

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