First Day At Work – Dos and Don’ts

There are some important things you need to remember on the first day at your new place of work. First impression matters a lot.
  • Dress smart and professional– Some people make the mistake by dressing up the way they saw the other staff when they went for the interview. You are new and yet to know the culture and norms of the company. Do not dress using rainbow colours. Wear colours like blue, Grey, white/coloured shirt mixed with blue, grey, brown, or black…
  • Arrive early – It is your first day. Do not use traffic jam as an excuse to go to work late!
  • Some companies might give you a tour in the company on your first day – Introduce yourself in a nice, friendly and confident manner – Always smile when necessary and show a positive attitude.
  • Ask relevant questions, and always ask for help, if you have or need any. Most times, on your first day, there are so information that will be shared with you concerning the company, the staff (during introduction), what you are expected to do, maybe more documents to sign and the likes. You can also ask questions like – Who would you be reporting to?…
  • Put your phone(s) on silent and avoid pressing them often, except during lunch break especially on your first day- Social media is usually very tempting because you want to keep up with what is going on.
Kindly drop your suggestions, questions and comments below…

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