Exciting Things To See And Do In ICELAND

Around Iceland there are plenty of beautiful places you can see. We have thousands of waterfalls, and no one knows exactly how many there are. The most famous waterfalls are Seljalandsfoss, Skógarfoss and Gullfoss, but there are others that are more beautiful, and that only Icelandic people know about.
Blue Lagoon
The Blue Lagoon is one of our biggest tourist attraction, where natural hot spring water flows through the lava fields of Reykjanes peninsula and the water is very healing and nurturing for your skin. In the lagoon there is also a restaurant and a bar, and you can enjoy an amazing arrangement of treatments from the lagoon spa.
Strokkur Geysers
We have a lot of beautiful geysers that erupt every couple of minutes and it is very pretty to watch. The most famous one is Geysir, but the English word geyser comes from its name. The one that most tourists want to see though is Strokkur, because it erupts more often.
Seljalandsfoss Waterfall
One of my favorite attraction is Seljavallalaug, which is a swimming pool in the middle of nowhere, and only Icelandic people know about it. That‘s why it‘s free of tourists and you can enjoy the warm water and amazing views in a middle of a mountain range. *Take note*

In Iceland there are a lot of rivers and you can go river rafting with a guide through many of them. Many of them are glacial rivers, so the stream is really fast, and it is really fun and demanding. Iceland also has a lot of arranged hiking trips, where you can go on top of Vatnajökull, Europe‘s biggest glacier, and all kinds of beautiful mountains. Up there you can also rent quadbikes and snowmobiles and have rallies on the glaciers or the mountains.
From the office Reykjavík Excursions ( you can find all kinds of bus trips around Iceland where they stop at the major tourist places and have a guide to show you around.
One of the places everyone must visit when they come to Iceland is Þingvellir. It was where the lords of Iceland came for congress from all around Iceland, and it is really pretty. It is also often associated with the Norse gods, where the entrance to Valhalla was said to be at Þingvellir.
When to come?
Iceland is to some extent four different countries. The difference between seasons is so much, that if you would come in spring, you would see something entirely different than what you would see in summer.
Everything changes pretty fast when the seasons change and that’s why you’ll always see something new.
In the summer we have very mellow and good weather. Don’t be frightened by the temperature, the heat here, is not the same as the heat in France. If it’s 12 degrees here, it’s like having 20 degrees in France. If you want to come in the summer, hiking would be the best thing to do. Everything is very green and we have all kinds of flowers and colors that you don’t find anywhere else.
The 22nd-24thof June, there is no night. The sun sets for around three minutes, and then comes back up. That is caused by our northerly position, and that’s why you get amazing sunsets, and sunrises, just over a cup of hot cocoa. June is a fantastic time to visit if you want to see a lot of light and be able to go camping anywhere you want.
Nothern Lights
The Northern lights come out around the middle of September. However, this year, they started in August. The northern lights period is from September – early March, however, the best time to see them is usually February.
My favorite time to be in Iceland is around Christmas. That’s because it gets very dark, so every single house, restaurant and store has a lot of Christmas lights. The amount of color you see when you walk down the street is amazing. We also have no restrictions on the usage of fireworks during New Year’s Eve.  All the people of Iceland buy fireworks, which the rescue squads of Iceland are only allowed to sell. Therefore you can buy a lot of beautiful fireworks, and support a good cause at the same time.
At midnight on New Year’s Eve, everything goes crazy. Every single family in Iceland shoots loads of fireworks to celebrate the New Year. You can see a picture of it here (×349.12fl3h.png/1419911940752.jpg)
Iceland has no trains, however we have a very good bus system that runs through our capital, Reykjavík, and goes all around the country. You would be able to reach all parts of the country with a bus or a coach.
We also have a lot of car rental companies that you can use. Car rental is fairly expensive in Iceland, but it’s really worth it if you would rent one. HINT: Have an Icelandic person call them and order them for you, or call yourself to get a better price. Do not order cars online.

Here are information on all the bus rides through Reykjavík, and all over Iceland.

Iceland – friendliest country on earth   
Iceland has been chosen many times both the friendliest country on earth, and with the happiest people on earth.
If you would decide to go to Iceland, you would be greeted by our world known hospitality, and we would like to welcome you all to come and stay in our tiny island country. *winks*

By Johann Benediktsson.

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