Even Sango, The God Of Lightning, Can’t Produce 1KW of Electricity – Fashola

Babatunde Fashola, minister of power, works and
housing, says Sango, despite being the god of
lightning and thunder, does not have the
capacity to generate a single kilowatt of
Delivering the convocation lecture at the
University of Benin on Friday, Fashola urged the
graduands to free their minds from fear, and
stop deifying resources that can be harnessed
for the good of the society.
“Traditional medicine, from herbs, roots, and
other endowments of nature have their place of
pre-eminence in the assurance of our well-being
and good health. I cannot say the same thing
about divination and sacrifices,” he said.
“We must choose to work our iron ore to
produce steel and build skyscrapers, machines
and tools like others do instead of worshipping
the god of Iron.We must use engineering to
manage and control flooding and erosion.
“We must probe the treasures of our forests and
depths of our oceans as bastions of possibilities
that we must manage and dominate instead of
worshipping the god of the sea.
“If we continue to fear the sea, oceans and
waters we will perpetuate the practice of
sacrifice, instead of undertaking the enterprise of
understanding; and dominating them for energy
and transport.
“We must approach our rock formations as
treasure troves of building materials like marble,
tiles and granite rather than treat them as
totems of salvation that require animal sacrifice.
“We should stop deifying the moon and
stratosphere beyond the visibility of our eyes out
of fear. Instead we should develop the courage
and resolve to send men and women to land a
space craft there.”
He said prayer is good when combined with hard
work. He added that all the divination and
sacrifices made to Sango, the god of lightning,
has not generated a single kilowatt of power.
“I urge you to free your mind from fear, reach for
the skies, choose by conviction and not by fear;
trust in your abilities and God given talent, take
responsibility, work hard and pray if you believe.
“Yes, Sango is the god of lightning and thunder,
but all the sacrifices made to Sango has not
generated 1 (ONE) kilowatt of electric power.
“Electricity is produced by using nature’s gifts ,
such as gas, water, solar and wind, harnessing
their capacity through turbines made from steel
to serve our energy needs, not by making animal
Fashola also urged his audience to “look for the
book titled ‘Start Up Nation’ by Dan Senor and
Saul Singer, saying: “It would provoke your
thinking as it did mine.”

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