Emotional Or Physical Violence: Which Do You Prefer From Your Partner?

It’s so funny some ladies still say, if their partner doesn’t hit them, then he doesn’t love them. I recall a lady talking about how her partner hits her whenever they have a misunderstanding, and blames his actions on being ‘Hot Tempered’. She later went on to say, their relationship becomes even stronger after they settle and she really likes it that way. To her, she prefers him being physically violent with her because it strengthens her relationship rather than having someone who bottles up everything and explodes one day, only leading to a break-up.
Sometimes, but on rare occasions, women beat their men when they lose their temper as well.
Which of the options below would you prefer? 

·         A man who curses, screams and throws things at you but does not hit you or lay a finger on you.
·         A man who hits you and realizes his/her mistakes and genuinely apologizes immediately after hitting you.  
·         A man who will just walk away from the scene and stay away from you for days/weeks before thinking of settling the issue.

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