Emilia Clarke’s New Movie Trailer “Voice From The Stone” Will Give You The Chills | Watch On EB TV

TV’s Favorite queen Emilia Clarke stars in an intriguing horror movie Voice from the Stone.

Exploring the world beyond Game Of Thrones, the Me Before you star is back with a trailer for her new movie.

The movie sees Clarke play a nurse in 1950s Italy who is working in a rural house, caring for a little boy who hasn’t spoken since his mother died. But it’s not a simple coming-of-age story. As the trailer progresses, we learn that something more sinister is going on. The kid is hearing voices, he or the house might be possessed, and Clarke is definitely in danger.

The trailer eventually results in a full on horror-fest that will make you think twice about going to Italy, babysitting, or being around children in general.

According to High Snobeity , the movie is set to hit theaters April 28 2017.

Watch the trailer

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