EB WEDDINGS Presents A True Love That Never Ends: Ann & Monday’s Gorgeous Wedding Photos

It is quite exciting to share these fabulous wedding photos from our gorgeous bride, Ann and her beau Monday. The couple exchanged their vows in style at their traditional and white wedding ceremonies. They were nothing short of fun, glam, excitement, colour and class all the way.

I fell in love straight away with Ann’s style.  The bride looked incredible in her lace wedding gown and pink bouquet. Her large bridal party also looked fabulous in their pink off-shoulder bridesmaids dresses. Her dashing groom, Monday, wore a sharp black suit which he paired with a pink tie.

Just like their traditional wedding, their white wedding reception was a tasteful, elegant and fun affair as you’ll see in their pictures below. Enjoy!

Here is some advice from the bride…

“Pray without ceasing, pray about everything, including your vendors?. If possible, sign contracts with your vendors. On the wedding day, be determined to be happy because it’s the beginning of a new life for you after all.”

Pre-Wedding Photos | Lemmy Vedutti Photography







Traditional Wedding Photos | James Photography

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White wedding photos | Lemmy Vedutti Photography

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Esther’s Blog wishes the fun loving couple a blissful married life…

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