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EB LIFE & LOVE: Withered Vow

I felt the cold steel go warm as I locked my finger into the trigger hole and dragged it in the reverse motion. One shot and the deed was done, a thunderous bang sound and sudden plastering of the wall with several pieces of dispersed skull with blood dripping over white thick substance that looks like the brain. What have I done? The gun fell out of my hands unconsciously. I dropped on my knees shivering and whimpering as I stretched my vibrating hand to feel her face. She was cold, gone too soon, death brought upon her by the man who always loved her. Guilt engulfed my soul, what was left of her eyeball gawking at me motionlessly. Her eyes which always inspired me of beauty divine had suddenly become ghostly. I had a choice not to do it.

It was life as usual and it was beautiful in an unusual manner. I had a great job, gracious wife and two boys. The year was rounding off and we had gotten a deserve break from our jobs and schools. Christmas was lite, we desired for the New Year celebration to be better. We made plans to prepare a three course meal and invite our friends over. On the morning of New Year Eve, I had went out to get drinks, foodstuffs and the needed groceries. I’d rather have my woman doing chores than going through the stress of festive period shopping; the whole street becoming a chaotic marketplace.

I was about to set the lamb on the grilling steel when I realised I didn’t get olive oil and white wine, without both my favourite marinade is incomplete. My hand was messy from dissecting the lamb so wife proposed to go get them. I kissed her goodbye and chipped in, “Don’t keep me waiting Abike. Get them and come straight home. I don’t want my wife staying out too long on New Year’s eve.” She eased into a smile and responded, “I’ll be right back.” Minutes later my older son Sam came running with his iPad. He is just 10, very intelligent and book smart.

“Easy son,” I warned, noting the fact that a fall was inevitable if he didn’t slow down. His younger brother John was engrossed with riding his bicycle. “Slow down, there’s no school tomorrow, there will be adequate time to help you with you assignment.” “Daddy no, not my assignment. This.” He handed me his tab.

A caption on BBC Africa website. “John, Sam, inside now!” I ordered. They rushed inside and I locked the door after I was inside. I turned on the TV and there was a Breaking News of like manner on Channels TV, the plague had started. I was desperate to go and search for my wife but my sons wouldn’t let me. Sam said to me, “It’s not safe Dad, Mum will be fine. She will hide.” I hugged both boys and prayed that their mother was safe.

The plague passed. My wife came home but things weren’t the same. She was looking so pale and had a high fever. She had been infected by the plague. I drove her to the nearest Plague Counter Centre where she was treated. Outside the centre were several posters explaining the various stages of the infection with symptoms and what to do.
A monkey had changed the life of every Nigerian. It was suffering from a certain disease, after fighting to stay alive he died in a river where so many birds drank from. The doom was easily spread among the birds till it got to us. So many said it was a plot by the Western world to reduce our population. Others said the gods were angry. It didn’t matter, my wife was infected and I wanted her to get well.

She slept in the visitors room, away from our sons and myself. She talked about how her presence was a danger to us. Our lives changed on New Year day. I woke up and heard her barking and roaring at intervals, in pain. I rushed to the visitors room and encountered such aggression like I have never seen before. She ran after me with the intention of hurting me.

She could no longer control her emotions, she was lost beyond rationality. The poster at the Counter Centre stated, “The only way a human can be infected by another human is by a bite. Stay away, if you can’t, get a weapon. No one will accuse you for self-defense.” Memories flash through my head as I ran towards our room. For better, for worse. Till death do us part. In sickness and in health. For richer or poorer.

I was willing to die in her embrace but for our sons. I got into the room and grabbed my gun from under my pillow. I felt the cold steel go warm as I locked my finger into the trigger hole and dragged it in the reverse motion.
I broke my vow. I ended her life. Now I have to end another, there are Zombies everywhere.


Femi Fragile
IG: femifragile | @femi_fragile

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