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EB LIFE & LOVE: The Love Note


I hope this letter meets you in a place of serenity as knowing you has created the magic of peace in my life. The only chaos I’m experiencing is the beauty of having to figure out why I’m this crazy about you. What others call love at first sight is actually love at foresight. You were hidden in the crowd but your royalty carved a distinction for you. You are special, a rare human in an unreal world. Meeting you is more than a blessing, I think it’s safe to say you’re God’s gift to me. I love you? No, I’m crazy about you in a helpless way.

Where have you been all my life? Who were you with while I waited impatiently? Glad you’re finally here. Can you see how much we synergize? Do you realise what we’ve missed having lived worlds apart from each other? Let our bond manifest already, date me. I desire to make you the sole reason of my unexplainable joy, and give you everything you deserve and happiness. You’re like a gentle cloud, you are my rain come forth in drought. You are beautiful in the face of humanities imperfection.

Since our path crossed, I go to bed every night with renewed hope that you’d realise how much your beauty has humbled me. Before you there were others, beautiful in their own ways but none is as revealing as you. A look into you eyes and what I see is a perfect work of art, in physical shade of magnetic beauty. I’d argue that you are a shadow of the most beautiful angel, here to guide and guard me against all emotional pestilence.

A glimpse into your acts and I’m convinced that a life with you is a realistic desire. You’re a woman like no other. They say you’re proud but all I see is a woman who isn’t scared to flaunt her beauty; a fusion of dignity, integrity and intelligence. They are envious of you, “What does he see in her?” I don’t blame them, maybe they’d know better if they cherished themselves like you live your worth.

A chance is all I require to bring fate into existence. You’re everything I thought is too good to be true and the truth. Can I be privileged to wake you up with a kiss every morning and massage your foot before we go to bed? Can I be the one to fight by you when you struggle and pull you up when you stumble? Would you allow me to make loving you my life’s purpose?

Say ‘yes’ already!


Femi Fragile
IG: femifragile | @femi_fragile

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