EB EXCLUSIVE: To Wear Or Not To Wear

One topic that is becoming the subject of more and more debates in our societies today is the issue of fashion. A youth is likely to receive dressing suggestions from celebrity role models, sports icon, Television presenters or even the old woman in the neighborhood  and these suggestions are so varied and different that a person can easily get lose his/her identity trying to dress the way others want you to dress.

Your mother advises you to add the extra veil to your gown as you prepare to go out, your sister advices you to replace the jeans with a skintight or a yoga pant as that is most certainly more fashionable. Your boyfriend wished your blouses are just a bit longer so they can cover his ‘assets’ while you go about your business but your opinion and the image you are trying to project is neglected by everyone.

A word on being stylish

Irrespective of how you see yourself or the occasion for which you are dressed, adding style or being stylish really has just one meaning. It means developing a bold sense of fashion. Synonyms to the word stylish include ‘elegant’, ‘trendy’, ‘fashionable’, ‘smart’, ‘tasteful’ etc; and stylish dressing is defined as polite and elegant manners in dressing. There is no dictionary where stylish is synonymous to skimpy, revealing and sluttish.

This just means that by being stylish, we are not dressing ourselves up in provocative and insulting dresses rather we are dressing up in elegant and fashionable dressing that are polite to our bodies and to people who we will meet. A general rule for stylish dressing is the 80-20 rule. This means your cloth should cover 80% of your body and reveal only 20% but that is negotiable depending on the occasion.

The top commandment of style

  1. Your dressing speaks:

Your clothes talk about your culture, your values and your aspiration. Don’t just copy movie stars. Find out what they are trying to portray by dressing that way. Was he in the midst of a midlife crisis? Is she rebelling against her estranged? Messages are communicated in our clothes

  1. Clothes should fit correctly:

Clothes shouldn’t be bogus but they shouldn’t be tight either. Elegant dressing demand that your clothes fit correctly. If have to force part of you into or out of the clothes, the probably aren’t supposed to be yours.

  1. Your clothes must compliment you:

Stylish dressing means your clothes accentuate your selling points and tones down those flaws in your shape and stature. Men of slim body types shouldn’t wear body hugs but shirts and Tees will compliment them well enough. A woman’s clothes should almost always accentuate her waistline because she immediately feels confident if it does.

  1. Use accessories to add flavor:

Eye glasses, veils, scarf, monkey jackets and other accessories should be scarcely applied to our dressing to make them more stylish. Remember though that accessories are just that, accessories. They should never overshadow the main clothes.

  1. Dress the Occasion:

Wearing sun glasses to an indoor book club is out rightly childish and wearing skirts that are half way between your knees and your but to church is just foolish. If you are to dress stylish you should dress according to the dress code of the occasion you are attending.

Net time you are dressing up, use these guidelines to determine if you are dressing up in style and remember to dress only to the occasion!

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