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So get this! I have this aunty that has been married for over 15years. Since the beginning of d marriage, its been from one punch to another slap, and from one kick to another blow. She is more of like a punching bag that boxers use in training.

Even when she had her second child and just got back from the hospital, she was greeted with the beating of her life that sent her back to the hospital she just came back from.

Now her children are all grown up but she still lives with the man under the excuse of ” im just here because of my children.” Did i tell u He beats her infront of his children??? And when they challenge him, he locks them up in a room. She has eyes and ear problem because of the torture.


Know that in Nigeria, no woman will advise her fellow woman to leave her husband’s house. They will always say you should endure as marriage is for better or worse. I am of the opinion that she gets evidence of the beating and sues the SON OF A B***H, gets half of his property and still keep her children (Thats if the Nigerian judiciary will let her do so).

Please your humble advise is needed. No insults please. Thanks

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