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From a LUPUS Survivor… Read previous post HERE: My Lupus Story – Help Solve Lupus Mystery!

Hello buddies, been a while, yes, I am talking to you all reading EB. Lol. Okay, let us get down to business. I had earlier talked about SLE (Systemic Lupus Erythematosis) on this blog, I tried my best to explain what lupus disease is all about, and I also promised telling my own lupus personal story here which is over 8 months ago.

It has taken me this long because being diagnosed with lupus disease and the daily struggles/challenges associated with living with lupus has been the most difficult part of my many years on earth, accepting the diagnosis was really difficult and up to this very day, I still hope, pray and wish it was all a very bitter joke and nightmare, I still hope and pray to wake up from.

Read previous post HERE: My Lupus Story – Help Solve Lupus Mystery!

While waiting for that bitter phase to completely fade away, I am here trying to begin a personal, yet public campaign about lupus disease, creating awareness and building a community of lupus sufferers, as well as soliciting funds for treating and coping with the disease. Like I said, I will be telling my personal experience on this blog, bear in mind too, that in lupus disease, symptoms are rarely the same, what I suffer could be completely different from what another might experience. We are always open to giving ears to each and everyone’s experience on this platform.. (Lupus Aid Foundation of Nigeria).


It was in the month of April, in the year 2015, I had gotten married seven months earlier, hoping to live a very happy and fulfilled life. I had high hopes, big dreams, wonderful family and friends, and above all, I had God.

April 2015…
I travelled to Abuja (F.C.T.) Nigeria to spend the election break with my Big sis and her family because hubby had to travel for official reasons. I woke up that faithful, or should I say unfaithful morning and there was this pain I felt in my left wrist, it wasn’t a very serious pain though, but I couldn’t really stretch my fingers. Bilkisu (my cousin), helped massage my wrist, she said I had probably slept on that hand and that lead to poor blood circulation.

Before evening same day, the pains ceased, and my wrist and fingers were normal again but then, it happened the next day and the day after… I had gone to church for midweek service on a Wednesday with that pain in my wrist and fingers but by the time I got back home, I was totally fine. I ate and was in the living room chatting and I suddenly became nauseous, I got up, went to the bathroom, threw up a bit and it was accompanied with blood. I felt something like a lump in my throat that bursted, I was terrified, I didn’t understand what was going on, and so I was taken to the hospital.

SMH! At the hospital, the young doctor on duty that night (wish I slapped him that night) said there was nothing wrong with me, that I probably wanted to come, spend the night at the hospital! Imagine what a health practitioner said to someone in that state. Shebi I didn’t like the comfort of my home or was it that I had nothing to do with money and decided to go waste it at the health center? It’s not his fault. Each time I think about what that doctor said to me in my vulnerable moment, I get angry all over and feel like going back to that hospital to at least give him a piece of my mind. Anyways, I was sent back home and thank God I got better.

I travelled back to Lokoja, Kogi state capital where I reside with hubby after the elections. There was no trace of pain anymore, we even joked about it, saying I was not welcome in Abuja and there was something in the room where I slept, lol. Big Lie!

A few weeks later, I was called back to Abuja for a job interview. This time, I started feeling a bit feverish, I had this really painful and persistent headache. I was sent for malaria and typhoid tests and both came out negative. I was then told my blood pressure was quite high, and was placed on blood pressure medication but the headache didn’t reduce and my temperature kept on rising and rising. Bad News! The pains in my wrist and fingers resurfaced! This time, it was really painful and my left hand was swollen.

To be continued…

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