EB EXCLUSIVE: Is Getting A Masters Or A PHD Necessary For Gainful Employment?

These days, life seems to be moving very fast. Children begin schooling at the age of three or less; more institutions of higher learning are appearing so the chances of getting a tertiary education are high. However, more and more jobs are disappearing due to automation, ailing economies and the increase of contract staffing.

At a time, a university degree was all that was required to get a promising job and start a life but now; there are tons of first class university degree holders that are roaming the streets jobless. Conversations on education are now taking a new dimension: Nobody asks if you have a university degree or its equivalent. The question now is when are you getting your masters degree? Are you planning to get a PhD? As such, almost every job advert from government organisations has this scary clause: “A masters or a PhD in the field is an added advantage”.

Youths are beginning to ask questions and we are taking our time to answer these questions in this article.

A Faulted History

Most of us where born into families with a relative or two claiming the ‘educated’ status. In my case, we had an uncle whose life was relatively simpler and more fanciful than my father’s life because he got a diploma. As such, my father will always warn me to be serious with my academics. He would say that only education would open doors and present me to kings and He was Right!

The case for more degrees

Whenever you ask people if getting a masters or a PhD is worth it, you will most likely get their opinion based on how getting more degrees have helped or stunted their growth. If a person advises you to get more degrees, he may be doing that because he found gainful employment only after getting a masters or a PhD himself. Likewise, if a person advises you against getting more degrees, he may do so due to the fact that he did not really find fulfillment in his more degrees and so the debate is never really conclusive.

Let the fact speak

If you intend to go into academics, then getting more degrees have been shown to help people move further in the world of academics (72%). Otherwise, graduates with more degrees have been tagged as being ‘overqualified and under-skilled’ by modern employers. Nevertheless, some positions in most organisations will always be open only to candidates with more than an Undergraduate degree.

In Conclusion

To get or not to get additional degrees really depends on what you want to do with your life: Are you looking forward to growing in academics or gaining positions that are only open to candidates with masters or PhD? Then get them by all means and be the youngest PhD holder in your organization.

Are you rather looking forward to using your skills and knowledge to solve problems specific to your locality and make people’s lives better while getting paid? Then a university degree may suffice; learn more about the skills that are important in your areas of interest rather than getting more degrees.

Success and gainful employments come from being larger than life and being bigger than the position you now occupy.

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To your success!

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