EB EXCLUSIVE: How To Make Your University Days Count

There are three most important days in the life of an individual; the day you were BORN, the day you will MARRY and your UNIVERSITY DAYS. These three days determine almost everything about how your life will turn out but people still don’t seem to understand the magnitude of their influence.

The day you were born, the circumstances under which you were born determined whether you are going to be given a chance at life or dumped in a gutter some place. You have heard it been said over and over again, the day you will marry and the person to whom you get married can make or break you. But everybody seems to be quiet about your days at the University, polytechnic or college. These days are as important as the previous two days and some experts argue that they are even more important.

Shaping You

Experts who argue for the University days as the most important days of an individual’s life argue that your days in the university shapes you into the person you were born to become. It is during those days that you understand and become the person that people will desire enough to marry. Hence, your university days are days that actualize the other pivotal days of your life.

Making The Days Count

Given the important role of your university days in one’s life, it is easy to see that the days should not be wasted cramming volumes upon volumes of text that only useful till they are regurgitated in an examination. Neither should the days be occupied by parties and drunkenness and satisfying your lust. The days should be used to Define and Clarify who you want to be.

How do you do that?

  1. Participate:

Every tertiary institution has many a varied club: Rotract Club, Cultural Club, ICT Club, FCS etc. Participate in as many clubs as you can. By so doing you get to refine your definition of yourself or even discover a whole side of yourself you never knew. Dont limit yourself to clubs relating to your field of study. Mark Zukerberg was studying philosophy but took his ICT club meetings seriously now look at where that brought him.

  1. Experiment:

When I say Experiment, I don’t mean you should try different drugs or sexual partners; Experimenting means not being totally sure about something but doing it all the same. That is really the only way to Learn what you like and what you don’t like.

  1. Network:

Do you see those cleaners and retailers in your school? They have seen people make mistakes and people excel at life. Keep them in your circle of acquaintances. Say hello to them from time to time and give them gifts. They may just know the dean of student affairs when you need him

  1. Study:

This one is sure. You are in the university to study so make out time to study. But don’t just study what you are being taught. Go to the arts library if you are a science student and look for a book that will get your interest the study it. In the real world, people are not classified based on what they studied but on what they can bring to a situation. So study wide!

  1. Produce:

Let your study be productive. If you are studying programming, create a website for a real life client. That is working experience. My writing career started when I volunteered to write an annual report for a HIV/AIDs agency. I earned and I understood that I loved writing. Now I earn from it.

  1. ‘Jaye’:

Don’t finish your university education without going to at least seven parties. Birthday Parties, Clubbing, Weddings are where you can meet new people that are not limited to the walls of your campus. These people will help in your consequent job search or in any other way. It never hurts to know more people.

  1. Fall in Love:

Sad truth is that if you don’t find love in your university days, you may never find true love ever again. But don’t get caught up in trying to be something you are not. If you do the above listed well, love will come to you naturally. Value it, Nurture it and allow it to grow. Don’t think about what will happen upon graduation. Life will sort itself out and in most cases, love conquers all things.

P.S:     University Days mean the day in an institute of higher learning be it a polytechnic, a college of education, a college of agriculture or learning a skill at Andela.

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