EB EXCLUSIVE: How To Dress In Your 30s

Thirty is the new twenty, right? Yet, turning thirty is monumental. Given the average life expectancy of Nigerians as 60years, turning 30 seems to be that point in your life when you have gone half way through the journey. It is expected that at thirty you are done with the other half of life that is experimental and unsure and that you have found your place and role in the society. Many things are expected to change with this your new found place and role.

Your speech is expected to be fluent and assertive, your actions are expected to be thoroughly deliberated and your dressing is expected to conform to you newly found role and purpose.

Here are some pieces of clothing that must dominate your wardrobe to keep you feeling as fresh as you did in your twenties while giving expression to your personal narrative of a matured, more deliberate mind.

  1. Suits:

At this age, it should be obvious that suits should form the underlining of your wardrobe whether you are male or female. Suits can be worn corporately in their 2 or 3 piece but can also be worn separately or with jeans to produce that matured casual effect. In our society, ‘suits send strong signals’

  1. Tailored Trousers:

A well tailored trouser from linen material should also become part of your wardrobe whether you are male or female. Needless to say, well tailored trousers can become handy for casual Fridays and every other semi-formal gathering. The less denim jeans, the better!

  1. Black-tie dresses

Black tie dresses made from Ankara materials or already made ones are assets to have for women of 30+. These clothes are made to flatter by accentuating a woman’s assets. They can be used as casuals or formal and would give you a good image at almost any occasion.

  1. Ankara Gowns:

Ankara gowns that reach to your knees are very classical wears that are supposed to be part of your wardrobe at 30; enough of T-shirts with weird drawings on them. You are a lady now and you must reek of ‘utter ladyness’.

  1. The perfect Pencil Skirt:

I still don’t know what is classier that the perfect pencil skirt. Elegance meets maturity in this skirt. It should replace all your mini-skirts now that you are grown

  1. The Mummy Dress:

Don’t forget to get a wrapper or two in your wardrobe for all those meetings you will be attending and also a couple of mummy’s dress popularly known as buba gown. You never know when it will become handy.

On a conclusive note, turning thirty does not mean you should deny yourself the pleasure of your twenties. It only means that you should enjoy those pleasures more discretely. In your twenties, you dress to provoke reactions and these reactions made you confident. Now, you should be confident in your sexuality, you should embrace your flaws and focus on getting better in your areas of strength. Your dressing should reflect this confidence.

You are a woman. You don’t need validation, you need Substantiation.

Do you think we forgot any important piece of clothing? Let us know in the comment section below!

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