EB EXCLUSIVE: Five Ways Your Backyard Can Help You Save Money

Financial advisers always say that the path to a brighter future and an early retirement is either through gaining the ability to earn more or saving more from what one already earns. Albeit we complain about how difficult it is to earn more or save more, the current economic recession and the uncertainties it bring should prompt every sane individual and every normal family to start thinking of ways to earn and/or save more.

One of the most fundamental principles of earning more money is to ‘use what you have to get what you need’. Are you thinking what I think you are thinking? Sorry to disappoint you but this article is only about how to use your ‘backyard’ to earn more money and to save more. lol

  1. Plant Vegetables:

If you happen to own or rent a house where the compound is not cemented, you are practically living in wealth. Yes, planting commonly used vegetables like Ugwu, bitter leaf, waterleaf, scent leaf and even pepper is a sure way to save.


If you will take a Saturday out to prepare your land and plant the seeds you can start counting weeks before you stopped buying veggies from the market and start saving the money used for that. What is more, you can even sell your fresh organic vegetables to your neighbors thus saving and earning more from your backyard.


  1. Raising small animals:

Do you stay in a house with a cemented compound as such you cannot plant vegetables? Worry not! Another wonderful way to earn from your backyard is to raise small animals. Animals like Rabbits, Snails, fish and even poultry can be raised in a space that is just 5ft by 5ft.


One discouraging fact about raising animal is that they will need more care and more money than plants. With proper planning however, you can always be in stock and reduce the cost of care.


  1. Make a storage Unit:

If you are scared of the idea of being responsible for some living thing, you can put your carpentry skill to work and build a shed in your backyard. This shed can be used as a food storage unit for families in your neighborhood as keeping grains in the house is an invitation to cohabit with all kinds of pests. Your shed can solve that problem by acting as a storage unit for farmers and families. All you have to do is to employ a lovely cat!


  1. Mini Theatre:

How about turning your backyard to a mini-sports viewing center or a theatre where the boys in your hood can come and unwind to some beer and sports actions? By doing this, you save the money you spend to go to theaters and sports centers and creating one to your very own specification. Imagine taking a chick to the movies in your own personal theatre. You guys could go all the way!


P.S: Take extra precaution if you have children in your compound because we don’t want to set bad examples, do we?


  1. Start a Small Business:

Starting a small business in your backyard from ice block selling business to the manufacturing of romantic candles or the production of chalk or a small lesson center is one super way to utilize your backyard to earn more.

Got other ideas on how we could use our backyard in fun and creative ways to save money or to earn more? Drop your thoughts in the comments section below let us interact!

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