EB EXCLUSIVE: 10 Amazing Low-budget Nigerian Wedding Ideas

Lol. I am not sure this will work for most of my Nigerian sisters but it sure will for some… We all want the glamour, endless shopping and all that comes with everything special for that day. “Its a one day thing, you have to put in all your best and all your Money”. That’s what we always tell ourselves.
Well, yea, I couldn’t agree less. But for those of us who do not have the very high or unlimited budget and need to have that day special and memorable.
Here are a few tips but first of all, you have to plan and write a list of the things you want to do and buy before that day even if you don’t have Mr. Right yet (have faith)…
Be ready to do almost everything yourself which will also make your wedding customized and classy to your own taste and i say ‘almost’ cos you are not alone. And you will be surprised how creative you are because you would not want your ‘once in a life time’ ceremony to be a mess.
1. Choose a venue that is an almost free location, what matters is how well you decorate the place because I know you would love to take beautiful pictures that you would want to look at over and over again for the rest of your life.
2. I trust our women, the ones that are well brought up in the kitchen by their mothers or fathers (very rare to find) who knows how to cook and the things needed for cooking can go to the market, buy the ingredients and food stuff yourself with a friend/family member who can help out which I think will save cost. Give them to a caterer (well, mama put was suggested) to prepare the meals. You can find a caterer who can cook, bake, prepare cocktails and all there is to eat and drink that day at an affordable price. An all in one package is usually cheaper than a single package with different people.
(Now we have Shoprite in almost all the states in Nigeria, drinks are cheaper there).
3. Shine bright like a diamond ring wearer. There are lots of gold, silver, bronze, platinum coated and the likes kind of accessories that are very affordable that does not fade out quickly. Before it fades out completely, there will be funds available for the one you have always dreamed of. After all, Marriage is a blessing, have faith. Somebody say Amen!
4. Thank God for internet, you can download music freely without paying for it if you are connected to make your own playlist. You can also get a less expensive upcoming DJ who would be happy to show his skills for the next wedding contract he will get from performing in yours.
5. You can either have a tailor sow your custom made wedding or rent an already made wedding gown. Both options are cost effective. The choice is yours…

6. Aseobi!! Aseobi!!! It is not a must that you have to go to the market to get the materials and then putting yourself in debt or spending from what you should have used to do something else cos the truth is in 99.9% of aseobi matters, not everyone will pay for all the aseobi you sold before the wedding day. Infact, you might even have to drag some of them when you should be enjoying your honeymoon solely with your hubby after the wedding because you want to pay off some debts you’ve accrued. If you have your colours, you can simply tell your invited guests the colour of your wedding and that is it or mayb include it on your invitation card/sms/broadcast. Some people might have clothes with those colours or go buy one if they so desire. It saves you the stress of having to drag igbese (debt) that may later turn out to make you loose your relationship with the people refusing to pay on time, some not because they do not want to pay, maybe they do not have the funds for that at that time but because they want to make you happy since it’s your day, they have to collect it.

7. These days social media has made it very easy for people to connect with one another if you have access to the internet. Inviting the people you so desire can be done cheaply by sending bulk sms, sending messages to your friends on facebook or any other platform that you are familiar with. You can make a few cards to give to your special guests and elderly family friends cos I trust Nigerians, we love respect a lot. #talking about the elders#

8. Hair and Make-up, Hmmm… There are saloons everywhere. There is always one friend who can make, style hair and make-up. I am not saying you should use your friends to get free services but definitely you won’t be paying that much for such if you have a good friend who knows how to do them. You can also be your own make-up artist, there are so many ladies who make up themselves perfectly you would think, they went for a make-up session.
9. Technology has evolved beyond our imaginations. There are smart phones and cameras that does it all and are at very affordable prices. All you need to do is get someone, there is always that friend who is very good at taking pictures and make good videos with mobile devices, they can show their skills on that day. There are also very affordable photographers and videographers that can cover your wedding.
10. If you have good friends and family members, you can delegate some tasks to them.
You have to take your time, plan and do your research well. Always ask questions and you will get that dream wedding of yours that won’t blow your budget.
Always remember, that very special day is all about You and your Partner…
*winks* E.A.

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