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The beginner’s phase of my career just ended but you must understand that it wasn’t an easy journey. By now I am sure you already know that good is never easy, achieving the best takes hard work and consistency. I am tempted to tell you consistency got me here but the truth remains there were days when consistency wasn’t enough. Those days when it was the desire to be better that dragged me further. Finally, in this moment a bigger revelation has stumbled upon me.

While Echoes of My Journey is an expression of my daily life in 2016, the countdown to this day is another life changing experience. These recent lessons give a clearer view about what lies ahead. Most important of all is that if no man notices your effort, you have to make every effort to appreciate yourself. Ponder on how far you have come, the battles you have won, the storms you have endured and the pains you stormed through. Do you think you deserve some chants of victory? Go ahead declare it, “Great job Femi, you can do better.”

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Let me flash before your eyes, tales of what got me here. It is a war of words from different worlds. After my first two eBooks, a certain stranger sought me out via Instagram to ask,

“Why didn’t you sell these books? Why did you make them free? They are very good!”

I gave a lot of reasons as answers to his questions. He replied,

“Sir, I believe these are just excuses to cover up for the fact that you think you are not good enough.”

With such emotional rage I typed, “I am one of the best storytellers around! Why would you say such a thing?”

He mocked by typing “Lol” then “How can you call yourself one of the best if you are afraid to charge your worth? Being the best is expensive. You will remain poor if you don’t charge for it. Now, if the people love what you do they shouldn’t be reluctant to pay for it. If they don’t pay as much as you expect then it means more work for you.”


He didn’t let me be, he added, “Except your passion is an option you better start treating it as a priority.”

Memories overwhelmed me and I remembered what inspired my first eBook, The Spark in My Quiet World. I was in love with LIzzy who thought my talent was massive but didn’t think it is an adequate means of livelihood. There were several others before her but she was bold enough to say it,

“Femi if I date you I will end up cheating on you. Your writing can’t meet my demands.” Wawu!

I was shocked to my arteries. We drifted apart and my anger in the wake of her departure made me write that book. Several months after she was back; she heard the news, I got a nomination. She heard rumours of how my writing had earned me certain recognitions. She equated that to cash and crept back into my life. She wasn’t blinded by love, she ran back when reality shun into her eyes.

For her I was doing good but not good enough. Love is relative to individual desires, for her it was money.

I remained single but began to write every day. I explored all genre and attempted different styles of writing. I got better but as every mother wishes for their children, my mother wanted me to be there already. A fiancée, a good job then marital plans. She was also aware of the fact that her son is responsible to a fault. Being single bothered her but she understood how my experience with Lizzy helped me decide that I wouldn’t attempt any relationship until I was ripe enough to pay for responsibility. Mother reads all my pieces and shares them on Whatsapp and Facebook too. If you have been getting her broadcast messages, bear with us. The only problem was the unsteady influx of cash. One day she commented,

“I will do everything to support your writing but we need to look for alternatives. How many people read books in this country? I know you have big plans with writing but…”

But she wasn’t trying to discourage me. She just didn’t see how being a prose writer can make you a millionaire in a nation battling with recession. I wanted to do a lot of things for her but there were no means. As you already know, I cook, even that is only enough to sustain the daily hustle, all because I am in love with writing. I stopped writing until one morning when I heard a certain minister on radio,

“If you are one who believes your passion and talent isn’t adequate to make you great then be prepared to settle for the ordinary life. Greatness requires extra energy. It is foolish to stop trying when you haven’t exhausted your strength.”

I went back too writing. I wrote to encourage myself. The sour tastes of emotional and financial limitations inspired me to wake up and write. At first it was just for me then I realized I couldn’t be the only one going through such an ordeal, someone probably has it worse, why not share? I began to spread the message of hope and hunger for greatness on my blog and every social media platform operated. I experienced the first step of wealthy living; making a difference. It became clear what my writing could do. It brightened mood, faces and fortunes. Refusal to post in one day and I get messages asking what is wrong? Time made me a Love Consultant, I helped relationships and appreciated being single. I cured emotional curiosities and taught that being alone isn’t to be lonely.

I applied for a writing job that I hoped will change my life but quit when I realized its aim was to change my focus. Any opportunity that will deprive you of happiness should be passed on. It is all about the end; make sure the means is right. A naira made now can secure your future while a million naira can help you lose relevance. I returned to the drawing board and made a plan for this year. First on my list was to publish the Echoes of My Journey as an eBook. I wanted to share in a book the tale of how I got here by compiling everything I wrote last year to inspire you. Reading it is in fact seeing life from your inside and not from my side.

Motivational pieces that held my soul together while I fought for freedom. Fictions that were inspired by my life and environment, and relationship discuss that were inspired by my hidden rib. I wanted to package them for you. My purpose is to encourage your pursuit of happiness. I was willing to do it at no cost until I stumbled on Mr. Peter Kajovo who further enlightens me on sacrifice. I told him I was going to be making it a free eBook and he said,

“If you are bold enough to sell there are people who are bold enough to buy. Didn’t the bible say the gift of a man will pave way for him?”

He taught me the principle of working smart. He reminded me of what that Instagram stranger told me and taught me the importance of self-belief and positive declarations. He lectured me on brand strategy and added,

“You must be willing to tell your story if you have to get the world’s attention.” I have always being doing that. That’s why I call my writing style ‘personal’. I am different, you are too. What you love doing can get you the life you desire and more than you deserve.

If a musician in Nigeria can buy a house for his/her mother and drive classy cars. I want to do more, you can too. You are the only one allowed to make the choice of what you can do and how far you are willing to go.

Still missing? “No one who is missing is capable of living. Find yourself!”

Start by buying Echoes of My Journey. A blend of harsh reality and lingering hope; it strikes the mind to question the actions of the body yet leaves man something to smile about.

You reason for buying can also be to help me attain a significant height. Whichever urges to do so, you can be rest assured that it will be the hallmark of a new beginning, for you.

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