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Claiming A Man

She was determined to make it his most memorable weekend ever. While she waited for his arrival, she got ready. She stripped herself in front of the mirror, swaying as she pulled down her panties, and giggling as she unhooked her bra and flung it to the bed. She held her breast and whispered seductively, “Shady Baby, tonight is the night you claim your man.”

She spanked her bum and tiptoed to the bed where she dropped her phone. She climbed on it, and turning her back on the mirror she twerked as she dialed her number. “Shady baby, how far?” The voice answered, “Ore mi alasiri, Suzzy baby, mo wa pa” she replied in an ecstatic manner. “Your Bobo don land?” Suzzy enquired and she replied “no.” “Shady baby” “Yes, ore mi” “Show him why you should be his wife. Give it to him right, left and center.” “Korrect ore mi!” Shady affirmed as she turned her neck to check her vibrating ass through the mirror. She hung up.

“Faster!!” She moaned and screamed as he smashed his way through her repeatedly. On the contrary, he suddenly lost his pace like a dehydrated car, overheated maybe. “Baby, Kilode? Wait let me cum. Go faster baby” Shady persuaded him with her eyes closed and lower lip pinned between her tooth. He stopped moving his waist, and before she knew what was happening he had an heart attack.

“Shady baby” Suzzy teased as she answered the call, “Hello Susan. He’s not breathing” Shady panicked. “Who?” “Pastor Tee” she wept silently.

Susan was quick to rephrase, “Sister Shade, head usher, please don’t call this number again.” Suzzy hung up, took a deep breath, and mumbled words that sounded like “Alakoba, she wan implicate choir coord.” The adulterer died on the fornicator. Karma or God’s wrath?



Written by Femi Fragile…

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