Best Way To Answer Work History Gaps / Lack Of Experience

Jobs are hard to come by because of the high rate of unemployment and the alarming rise in the number of graduates every year.
There are people who have graduated from the university years ago without a job, there are also some graduates who have worked before that lost their jobs, got fired, or resigned for one reason or the other and as a result, caused a huge gap in their work history.
During an interview, employers would not hesitate to ask questions about the work history gaps on your CV, from the year you graduated or the gap between your former job and now.
These questions often come up in interviews; What can you tell me about your work history gaps, Why do have them?
Here are some ways to answer such questions that will satisfy the interviewer.
There might be a medical reason, like to take care of a sick family member, that was why you quit your job. Or the company you worked with laid some staff off, closed down, went bankrupt. Or simply not gaining valuable experience while you worked with them.
Do not get into details, just a give quick overview of what happened.
And for lack of experience, obviously you did not get a good job offer that’s why you have no work experience, its how you make up for the gap that counts.
The next question might be how do you make up for the gap. You can show that your skills are still up-to-date by giving answers like: Studying, doing some free or paid online programs, going for volunteering jobs or some personal training just to keep you up-to-date and keep your brain active.
Kindly drop your suggestions, and for those who were in similar situations, kindly share your experiences at the comment section below…

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