How Best To Sell Your Used Car Using Classified Sites?

No doubt, selling a fairly used item like a car is best achieved using a classified site. Several such site already exist in the Nigerian online space that supports selling and buying simply known as the free-ad marketplace. Increasingly, many individual have realized, selling their used items or cars through sites like,, Jiji motors, Postwanga motor category, known today as classified sites has rapidly become a lifestyle and a viable means for earning money from our items without depending on any individual but by simply doing it ourselves.

But selling your item such as your used car leveraging on classified sites if not well optimized may not yield a great result as expected. A seller typically is not exchanging his or her item for fun but for a measurable and rational return in cash for the value of the item sold and for what it is worth. In this vein, a seller wants to sell for cash, a seller wants to sell fast, a seller want to sell nifty and above all a seller want to sell without fear. So, how can a seller who wants to sell his or her car using classified sites achieve all of this?

Firstly, the seller must as a matter of compulsion make use of clear, recent and multi-view images of the car to be sold. As it is known that selling your item means the buyer before placing a call across would have had a clear view of the car in question, this is the first thing the buyer wants to see before he or she makes up their minds to inquire further. Losing out on potential buyers at this stage would do two things to your placement: one, bounce the sale by making it redundant and two, waste time due to delays.

Secondly, making use of friendly and persuasive product descriptions is key. I once sold my car using a classified site and in very clear and succinct way I described my car and all it features, I explained how it was the best car to purchase at the most reasonable price and even went ahead to tell them who I was and why I was selling my car. In no time I received numerous calls, the car was sold the next day and I kept receiving calls until I pulled down the ad. One trick that worked here was that I put a human face to my description giving would be buyers more info to chew.

Thirdly, it’s important to have a marketable or rational price with a margin for negotiation. This is not to say you should put out your car out for sale for ridiculously low cost. What this implies is that selling your car for the most reasonable cost, allowing a margin that buyers can negotiate for and making it all commensurate and not just posting some outrageous estimation that just puts off those are looking to buy cars online in nigeria from first glance. Be sure your car is going nowhere in a long while if this is your modus operando.

Lastly, knowing the right classified site to place your ad is as important as the decision to make use of a classified site to make your sale. To sell fast you must consider sites with good traffic, great security features and an equally great customer service. By way of recommendation, Jiji motors, Postwanga motor, and cuts it.

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