#BeautyTips: Common Problems To Fix Before Your Wedding Day

You’ve waited for this day and dreamt about your wedding being perfect with all eyes on you. You wouldn’t want to look anything less than a dream, radiating and glowing from all the excitement, happiness and slight nervousness. So, how do you ensure you look your best on your most special day?

 Fix these common beauty problems seen below…

– Pimples can ruin your look as they cannot completely be concealed with make-up. If your skin is prone to acne, you need to get it checked by a dermatologist who can prescribe a treatment for it. You will also have to watch what you eat. Oily food, indigestion are all culprits of acne. Since it will take some time to get this problem under control, it is best to visit a skin specialist well in advance. With medications and right products, you can get rid of acne before your D-Day.

– Ensuring that there are no spots on your back and it looks glowing is important on your wedding day as most wedding gowns usually show a bit or more flesh at the back. Plus, the hair is mostly tied up in a bun. Hyperpigmentation can be reduced with skin ligtening creams, laser therapy and peels.

– Unwanted body hair can be a big menace especially in the bikini area. Many women may want to get rid of it before their wedding. Here are a few solutions you can try – Brazilian wax, shaving, hair removal creams or a more permanent solution is laser hair removal sessions.

– Dandruff is quite common in both dry and greasy scalp and can get quite itchy. You certainly don’t want to spoil your look with white flakes on your wedding dress or itch your scalp on that day. It can be quite embarrassing. So get the situation under control with either a medicated, anti-dandruff shampoo or home-made packs using curd, eggs, methi, etc.

– Stress, long working hours, lack of sleep can often result in dark circles under the eyes or puffiness. You can cover them with a concealer but it is best to reduce them to look fresh and naturally beautiful on your wedding. Use under-eye gels to keep this delicate skin hydrated, use retinols which are vitamin A derivates or even a cold compress to reduce puffiness.

– If your wedding outfit is sleeveless then you must ensure your underarms are not dark. Massaging it with coconut oil or applying lemon juice is a good way to lighten it. You need to keep the area dry, bathe regularly to remove sweat and odour.

– Going for a pedicure and manicure before your wedding will ensure that you don’t have feet or hands problems like ingrown nails, cracked nails, calluses, etc. Get a foot massage and get your nails painted matching your wedding outfit.

– In order to give it the shine it deserves, especially on your wedding, follow simple tips like keeping it well-nourished with a weekly oil champi, using a good shampoo which suits your hair type, not blow drying it too often, refraining from too much hair styling tools and products like hair gels, straighteners, chemical colours, and so on. Make sure you pamper your hair a week before the wedding. Be very specific to your hairstylist about the cut and colour of your hair.

– Stretch marks usually occur when there is a sudden change in weight and the skin loses its elasticity because ladies would love to shed some weight before that day to fit into the dress they want. Some home remedies to lighten their appearance are rubbing vitamin E oil, aloe vera gel, keeping the area moisturised.

– Tanning and uneven skintone on the face or arms is quite common due to sun exposure and the lack of use of sunscreen. While home remedies like potato and lime juice can come in handy due to their bleaching properties, you may also want to consider options like chemical peels and laser therapy. These will help remove dirt and tan from the surface and rejuvenate your skin.


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