#BBNaija: Day 45 – Housemates Pledge Consent Is Sexy

Today being International Women’s Day and Big Brother decided to celebrate it with the Housemates by organising a seminar for them, the theme: Consent is Sexy.

The Housemates were asked to go into the garden and shut the doors behind them and when Biggie instructed them to go back into the House they were greeted by the seminar facilitators with friendly faces and quickly asked them to sit down, and the seminar kicked off.

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 The first part of the day’s session was about learning: Learning to talk but above all else, learning to listen to other people talking. This activity formed the bedrock for the rest of the day as the Housemates learnt vitally that learning to listen to your conversation partner was key to understanding each other and forging a meaningful relationship. The facilitators emphasised the need for setting boundaries and clearly understanding those boundaries as a solid foundation for all relationships.

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The next part of the day was an exercise the facilitators called ‘Crossing the line’. In this exercise, the Housemates were made to understand the integral need to take responsibilities for themselves and their own actions as well. The Housemates were asked a series of self-actualization questions to which they had to answer by stepping across a certain line of comfort.
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It’s clear that our Housemates are now more self-aware and also conscious of the different people around them. The facilitators sealed the day off with some pizza for all, and then left the Housemates reciting the ‘Consent Is Sexy’ pledge.
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