#BBNaija: Day 33 – Meet Seyi Vodi

We had a chat with the man behind some of our presenter Ebuka’s fine threads.

We caught up with Nigerian Fashion designer to the stars Seyi Vodi who is the genius behind many of  Big Brother presenter Ebuka’s eye-catching outfits on the Live Shows.

Hi Seyi, with your amazing designs gracing Ebuka, how has this impacted on your business with so many eyes across Africa on your designs?

  • Great, it has brought an unprecedented awareness to the brand, coupled with the fact that the brand’s head office in Abuja the FCT, fashion designers based in Abuja have less media attention when compared to fashion designers in Lagos, so this has not only brought attention to our brands but to other similar big brands located within the FCT and its environs.

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With such a rich variety of culture in Nigeria, how does this affect your designs, does the rich cultural diversity you have in Nigeria influence your looks?

  • Yes of course, the rich cultural diversity has helped tremendously in ensuring a balance in creativity and also to recreate and reinvent a dormant cultural outfit to a more contemporary designs that will appeal to people of other culture.

Have you considered doing a Big Brother line of clothing with Ebuka perhaps in conjunction with someone like PayPorte to satisfy what must be an increasing demand for your clothing and accessories across Africa?

  • Sure , PayPorte is a great company owned by people I know so well, these are great individuals that I have transacted business with in the past, why not , since Big Brother is one of the greatest platform to showcase any venture in Africa today, we at Vodi Tailors are open to such great partnership in the nearest future.

Explain what it has meant to you as a designer to be the designer for such a visible presenter as Ebuka, and how do you go about designing for such a big show as Big Brother?

  • Wao, this is a tricky question , honestly I have so many favourite moments, of course every moment Ebuka steps out in our attire was great moments, bringing in the fake house mates, Ice Prince and Falz coming to the house was dope, the fine chap Soma eviction was heart breaking to me personally because I like his person, him been nominated by someone he had affair with was an eye opener and so many greats moments that I cannot finish stating now.

Have you been watching the show? What have been your favourite moments so far?

  • A visit to the house will not have been a bad idea, at least to take the measurement of the Housemates to make nice outfits for them, but right now we have so many orders that literally we have to work twice to meet up delivery.

What can we expect from you moving forward?

  • We will cherish a future partnership with the Big Brother, to enable us further showcase our unending luxurious designs.

You are proud to be a Nigerian, please tell us what that means to you and how it could mean to the many fans in and outside of Nigeria throughout the entire continent.

  • Nigeria is a great country with so many possibilities, talents abounds both in the creative world and music, been a Nigerian at this moment in time gives me joy not only that we have been able to survive in hard times like this, the future is bright which gives every creative and hardworking Nigeria a greater hope. Sure the future is bright.

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