#BBNaija: Day 32 – Who dares wins!

The Housemates endure more disgusting food and act their hearts out to another Wager win.

With so much at stake, the Housemates knew that tonight’s Wager Task Presentation was an all or nothing affair. Before they went into the Arena, there was the small matter of another Fear Factor style eating Dare to keep the Housemates dirty little secrets safe. Biggie upped the ante with a smorgasbord of tentacles and other creepy looking delicacies that turned the stomach just by sight.

34 fear factor 7 004 pre

Biggie warned the Housemates that should any one of them fail to complete the Task, all of them would fail, so the stakes were high. Debie-Rise and TBoss battled their personal demons and tested their gag reflexes to the limit but finally managed to soldier through their gruesome portions as did the rest of the Housemates and Biggie was duly impressed and congratulated them on a job well done.

34 fear factor 6 004 pre

Normally, that would be the end of their collective ordeal, but with this week’s theme being Fears, Phobias and Superstitions, they still had the other slightly bigger matter of their wager to contest with Biggie. They had Wagered 100% with Biggie and when Biggie called them into the Arena for their Task Presentation, it was go big, or go home. And, go big they certainly did. The first group, ably led by ThinTallTony did their beautiful presentation of the Bush Baby myth. It is believed that when a person encounters a bush baby and collects their mat, the person becomes automatically rich.

34 task presentation week 5 4 004 pre

Bisola’s group was up next and she was mesmerizing as an old woman telling the myth of Miss Elizabeth who became Miss Koi Koi which kids used to tell each other at boarding school to scare them. It was an amazing performance from both teams and Biggie didn’t hold back in his parise. He singled out Debie-Rise and Marvis for overcoming their “dietary preferences” and standing strong as team players. After making them wait for a while, Biggie told the ecstatic Housemates that they had won their Wager.

 34 task presentation week 5 12 004 pre

The Housemates had a quick Diary Session and most complained about stomach upsets and asked Biggie for help. Biggie wasn’t finished with the Housemates yet as there was one more Task they had to perform, but this one was more fun as it entailed a “Guess the Nigerian Legend” game and the drinks flowed as the Housemates had to guess who the Nigerian Legend that was stuck to their foreheads.

34 rsz legend charades 3 004 pre

After such a long and arduous week for the Housemates with them confronting their Fears, Phobias and Superstitions, how will the rest of the week pan out as they still think that any one of them could be up for Eviction this Sunday night at the Live Eviction Show? Stay tuned to your screens as Biggie is sure to add even more Twists and turns to keep the Housemates guessing.

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