#BBNaija: Day 26 – The House Is Back To Normal

Following Gifty’s outburst in the morning, the Housemates settled down into groups of twos and threes, sharing personal stories, with some taking a midday nap.

Gifty sent the House into frenzy when she threw a tantrum about her missing bracelet. Everybody was a suspect and she even went to the extent of suggesting that breakfast be stopped, until her bracelet was found.

After the dust settled down, Uriel and Bassey sat on the couch and shared love stories. Their conversation quickly moved from their personal experiences to some of the love connections in the House.

Uriel mentioned that she would not like to get intimate with any Housemate because she wouldn’t want to feel any obligation towards that person afterwards.

“That’s the thing you don’t want here! Once you do it here, you will definitely do it again,” Bassey agreed.

Meanwhile, Gifty goes to sleep, Marvis, Kemen sleeping, Bassey, Efe took a nap. Could the fatigue from all the preparations towards this week’s Task Presentation taking effect on the Housemates? The nap was cut short, as the Housemates had to wake up and start preparing for tomorrow’s party in the Arena.

The Housemates have had a tough week preparing hard for their Task presentation. Their dedication and determination surely paid off last night, as they won their 100% Wager and Biggie rewarded them with pizza and crates of beer and soft drinks.

All the excitement of winning the Wager and Biggie’s reward was topped off with some music, which had the Housemates dancing until late in the evening.

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