#BBNaija: Day 25 – Uriel Comes Completely Undone

Perhaps the pressure of being confined in place is getting to her but it didn’t take much for Ese to get under her skin.

Fake Housemate, Ese got tasked with getting under everyone’s skin and it seems she’s done a stellar job so far! She confessed in her Diary Session that she felt awful about her antics however, as she’s actually a loveable person. Biggie was quick to remind her not to get caught up in the game and distracted from her goal and she reluctantly agreed to cause more chaos. That said, the only one of her victims she admitted to not liking was Gifty.

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The most irritated of her targets on the other hand was Uriel who was fuming in her Dairy Session. It all started on (Day 5) when Uriel confided in the Housemates that her mom has a terminal mental illness (dementia) and she has fond memories of how she’d call her “Yuyu” as a child.

Everyone took a liking to her baby name and started calling her that but Uriel felt they were tarnishing something sacred and asked them to stop. Enter Ese, who yesterday (Day 24) decided to use the term of endearment to tease Uriel, completely ignoring not just Uriel’s protests but those of all the Housemates present.

Uriel exploded into tears of frustration and said all she could do in the moment was give Ese a “plate of rice” and remind herself not to stoop to her level. She also noted how her hands were shaking throughout the exchange.

Do you feel this is an overreaction on her part or did Ese go to far this time? Let us know in the comments.

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