#BBNaija: Day 25 – The Housemates Give A Stellar Performance And Win Their 100% Wager

The Housemates worked extra hard and put in “110%” to make sure they aced their presentantion this week! However, as they learnt the hard way last week, winning a wager entails consistantly doing a great job at all tasks, not just the main presentantion.

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Kicking off the show were Tube featuring ThinTallTony, Uriel, Bally and Ese. The two ladies had a pretty nasty tiff yesterday and Uriel broke down in tears when she recounted the moment in her Diary Session. However, any bitterness or resentment was completely set aside as there was a 100% wager at stake. They split into a two part harmony, dancing seductively to the bluesy hook of their song “They must See Gobbe!” . ThinTallTony and Bally provided percussion and ad libbed further lifting the atmosphere.

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Next to take the stage were Systematic. TBoss and Bassey dropped the beat as Bisola sang the chorus and danced along side Efe who dropped two rap verses for the song. Closing off the show were Resonance with Jon, Debie-Rise, Kemen, Marvis and Gifty. Jon and Debie-Rise lead the vocals while the latter also strummed away. They ended they’re performance with a spirited gyration before Biggie everyone took a breather.

Then it was time for the grande finale! The Housemates performed a musical as group where TBoss played a young girl who is a gifted painter but who’s father (Jon) does not approve of her vocation. She flees to go make it big in the city but struggles to make ends meet until one day a talent scout (Kemen) gives her a big break! They singing and acting was so good everyone watching was raving about the play!

Biggie was impressed too, calling the performance splendid and announcing that the Housemates had won the 100% wager. They ran around the arena screaming before heading to the store to collect their reward. Pizza and an ice cold beer for everyone! What a comeback. Were you also impressed by what the Housemates pulled off. Have another look and don’t forget to VOTE for the best performance by heading to our homepage.

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