#BBNaija: Day 25 – How To Win Big Brother

The Housemates have been having a great time today but putting in work to win the wager too.

It’s been a day full of fun, laughs and lots of hardwork. The Housemates are all in good spirits despite being nervous and are hoping to ace their performance after losing their wager last week. It’s been nearly four weeks since the competition kicked off and Biggie decided to find out what everyone thinks is the best strategy to win.

Bisola made it clear that it’s important to learn how to compromise in the House and pick one’s battles all the while listening to people’s concerns. She also warned that sometimes people get hurt but don’t speak up but rather plot your demise behind your back. Perhaps she was taking shots at the other Housemates for nominating her last week but it’s wise advice none the less.  Then Biggie asked who she’d share the 25 Million Naira with if she ever won it and she chose ThinTallTony siting the fact that being 37 he didn’t have as much time as the other Housemates to accomplish his goals. Given how close they are with one another we wonder if this was the only motivation but Biggie didn’t press for more details.

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Bally echoed the same sentiments letting everyone watching know that the most important thing was to learn to be patient and mindful of people’s emotions. TTT however put a different spin on things making it clear the show wasn’t all about “play and entertainment” like many people believe but also a great opportunity to learn. “You have to be really focused” Biggie then gave him a secret task to repeat what anyone said to him whenever they spoke to him before answering.

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Despite being the newest Housemate Jon agreed with Bally and Bisola’s sentiments that you have to learn to be patient and accomodating of people’s personalities. He the completely contradicted himself by promising to step it up with the pranks particularly with TTT whom he thinks is easy to mess with. Let’s wait and see what happens when he “pushes his buttons!”

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Perhaps Gifty was the “hurt” Housemate Bisola was talking about in her session because she got called out for being rude and over the top once Gifty started unloading. Marvis was up next and she got a secret task to only hold a full conversation when she’s on all fours or lying on her belly. If she was standing she was only to answer “yes” or “no”. This should be an interesting and hilarious task to see her attempt.

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Kemen commended everyone for putting in 110% in preparation for today’s presentantion before siting intelligence and tenacity as key attributes one needs to win the show. TBoss and Efe seemed to think authenticity was much more important. “I don’t know how to be anyone else” TBoss added before she ended her session. Efe even went as far as taking shots at people he thought were fake including Bally, Uriel, Debie-Rise and even his good friend TTT.

What do you think makes a Housemate a clear winner and who do you agree with the most? Sound off in the commments below.

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