APPLY NOW! World Environmental Volunteers: Be An Environmental Volunteer Today With Enviroment And You Tv

ENVIROMENT AND YOU TV are a community: they connect people who want to change the world together.

Whether you consider yourself a treehugger, planet saver or just someone who cares about the environment, a wonderful way to keep the earth healthy and green is to give back and volunteer. There are a myriad of different eco causes that need attention, so we have created this quick list of potential environmental volunteer opportunities and organizations who are looking for you to help out. Get ready to hike up your sleeves, get your hands dirty and lend a helping hand to Mother Nature.

Advocacy is the name of the game and the ability to mobilize and organize is what will make the difference. The movement is looking for people from all across the world to come together to campaign for climate change awareness

Give a voice to all the creatures of the earth by donating your time to ensuring their safety and longevity.

If you are a water person, play your part in keeping the world’s bodies of water clean and free of debris along with protecting marine life.

The interest of people should be a love for the sea to organize beach clean ups, fundraise and promote sustainable seafood choices in local communities.

Be the one that speaks for the trees by ensuring that they thrive, using your own two hands to plant seedlings and care for them.




The nonprofit offers individuals and groups the chance to plant trees in local parks and city streets as well as take care of existing trees by watering, weeding and pruning.


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