APPLY NOW! 2017/18 MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program At Makerere University Uganda For African Students

Makerere University, in partnership with The MasterCard Foundation is implementing a Scholars Program that supports academically talented yet economically disadvantaged youth from Africa to access quality undergraduate education. Only students admitted to Makerere University main campus will be considered for this scholarship. Applicants are advised to read the application guidelines before filling in the forms.

Below is a guide for applicants filling in the form for scholarship under The MasterCard Foundation Scholars program at Makerere University for academic year 2017/18. All applicants are required to read the guidelines before filling in the application form. Note that the application forms are NOT FOR SALE and there are NO PAYMENTS at any stage of the selection process.

ELIGIBILITY: The applicant;
a) Must be admitted to study at Makerere University in academic year 2017/18.
b) Must be from an economically disadvantaged background, and a citizen of any country in Africa.
c) Should exhibit academic excellence in either Sciences or Arts with a minimum of 11 points for girls and 15 points for boys obtained in U.A.C.E between 2015 and 2016.
d) Must demonstrate leadership skills and commitment to social betterment.
e) Must have an exceptional record of service and activity in his/her former school and/or community.
f) Should not be a holder of any other Scholarship.
g) Should not have completed any Diploma or Undergraduate studies.

A completed application should include the following:
a) Three Passport size photographs with the applicant’s name written at the back in block letters. (Please do not staple the photographs. Submit them in an envelope).
b) A copy of the applicant’s Birth Certificate.
c) Photocopies of primary leaving examination, Ordinary level, and Advanced level certificates of education academic documents.
d) Copies of death certificate(s) of biological parent (s) (if applicable).
e) Hand drawn physical map of LC I /Village of residence with clear directions of how to get to the home of residence (indicate approximate distances in kilometers from the main road).
f) Endorsement by the Head Teacher of the A-level School attended in Section G (signed and stamped).
g) Endorsement by the LC 1 of the District of Residence in Section H (signed and stamped)
h) Recommendation from the former sponsoring organization


This information must be as detailed as possible. Scanty information will be a disadvantage to your candidature. The following categories are given as a guide but are not exhaustive.

1. If your father/mother/guardian is or was a businessperson, describe the business e.g. if he/she is a hawker, petty trader, retail trader, wholesaler or manufacturer, describe the categories of the goods he/she trades in. In addition, give the physical address of the business.

2. If your father /mother/guardian is or was a civil servant, state the position held in the civil service, the corresponding salary scale and state which ministry or government department she/he works or worked. If she/he works in the private sector or Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), state the company / organization, the position held and the salary scale or salary. In addition, give the physical address i.e. the physical location of the company/organization and the telephone number if any, of the organization or the person.

3. If your father/mother/guardian is or was a farmer state whether he/she is or was a subsistence farmer, mixed/integrated/semi-commercial or commercial farmer and the type of farming i.e. whether it is
keeping livestock or growing crops or a combination of both. In addition, you should estimate the number
of acres on which the farming is done.

Submit completed scholarship application form to Makerere University, Senate Building Level 4, Room 402. P.O BOX 7062, Kampala by Friday 28th April 2017. If submitting by email as an attachment, ensure the scanned copy of the scholarship application form is clearly legible and send to: or

a) Only shortlisted applicants will be contacted for interviews.
b) Incomplete application forms will be automatically disqualified
c) All applicants or those who will submit the application form should ensure that they register in the book in Room 402, Senate Building.
d) Applications slipped under the doors of any office will NOT be accepted.
e) Cases of impersonation, falsification of documents or giving false / incomplete information, whenever discovered either at the time of receiving the award or afterwards will lead to automatic cancellation of the award, refund of the money already spent on a beneficiary / prosecution in the courts of law of Uganda.
f) Filling in and submitting an application form does not guarantee one a scholarship.
g) Only Shortlisted applicants will be notified at every step of the scholarship application process, and the decision of the Selection Committee will be final in the awarding of the scholarship.


Document Downloads

 MCF Application form 2017

After completing the form, submit to Senate Building Level Four, Room 402 or send through email address Only short listed candidates will be contacted to appear for interview. Note that
the application forms are NOT FOR SALE and there are NO PAYMENTS at any stage of the
selection process. The deadline for submission is on Friday 28th April, 2017 at 5:00pm.

For more information, kindly visit the official website HERE.

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