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Any Guy Who Lives On The Mainland Is Long Distance Relationship – High Standard Ladies

Relationship blogger and psychologist, Adejoro Olumofin addresses Nigerian ladies with high standards.

The love doctor wrote;

1️⃣ I only fly Business class
2️⃣ I can’t cross 3rd mainland bridge
3️⃣ The last time I crossed 3rd mainland bridge was when I went to the airport
4️⃣ I date only foreign trained guys
5️⃣ I only use mac products on my face
6️⃣ Any guy who lives on the mainland is long distance relationship ( I don’t do long distance relationships).
7️⃣ If he doesn’t have at least 10,000 followers on IG I’m not interested.
8️⃣ I use only professional makeup artist when I’m stepping out of the house.

I was having a conversation with some friends yesterday, and this topic came up. ” Lagos Ladies and their High standards”.

I almost lost my voice arguing that it is not advisable to have these standards because the ratio and number of men who posses these qualities are very few, but it was amazing and astonishing that some people at the dinner table argued with me that they will never date a guy who lives past Surulere???

It almost turned into a big fight. I am weak, I am not even Understanding anymore.

What happened to men with potential and good grades? What will 10,000 followers do for you? What if God has said your man is in a certain part of Lagos and you don’t want to go there?

Dear ladies that fall in this category, there is nothing wrong with having great standards but always think of that ” CONTINGENCY” / “WHAT IF”.

If this man molded by you doesn’t show up what will you do? Will you continue to wait? Or will you Compromise?


Doktor Mofin


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