Another Attack In Barkin Ladi, Plateau State,,,

Nigerians, let us all come together and stop the killings going on in our country. We are all we have to defend this great nation and with us in unity not just people from Plateau state but the nation as a whole, our voices will be heard. We have not finished with Boko Haram, here is another from Plateau state. 
Another BLACK Monday in Barkin Ladi, Plateau state, as the people of Fan and Ropp were attacked. Not less than 7 people killed. Houses and properties were destroyed, many are displaced. Let us open our eyes and see what is happening. 
They are now in Fan, next will be Heigpang, Du, Kuru, Gyel,… and who knows what will happen next.
Let us continue to speak till we are heard.

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