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Annoying Things Men Do

Men do so many things to women that can be difficult to handle. Sometimes a woman just wants to go all anti-men but nah… We love them still. So here are the most annoying things men do in my opinion. This is not a male-bashing article, so please keep an open mind while reading this.


Sometimes, men have strong emotional reactions to situations, but as soon as they become aware of their emotions, they quickly hide them behind a mask and act like they don’t have a heart. Men are just as human as women are. It is okay to feel things and let it show. It is not weakness; it is strength!


How is it that men remember when the game is on, when a new football season starts but can’t remember important events like birthdays, anniversaries, special places like where we met, had our first Kiss, where we went on our first date… The list could go on and on! These things seem unimportant to men but to many women, remembering these details is a big deal because it shows that you care about the relationship.


When a woman gets angry over something serious, a man’s first guess is “Oh, she is probably PMS-ing”. Really, bruh? I am mad cause you did something that doesn’t feel right. How is this still about me? While I agree that women tend to be a bit sensitive during this time, it is rarely ever the entire reason for a woman getting angry.


Okay, this is one is particularly annoying because yeah, I can see you checking the other girl out and I know she is attractive but hello! I am right here! Yeah me… Your pretty girlfriend. Men flirting with or checking out other women right in front of their girlfriend is sooo… Oh my God, just stop it! How do you men do that with a sane mind? And, yes, even if you criticise something about the girl you check out, we are still not okay with it honey.


It is natural for women to let their emotions get the best of them so when we talk to you about how we had an argument with a colleague or a friend, we are not looking for advice. Take our side: don’t tell us how we should have done it your way. We could have handled the situation differently – yes, we know that – but we didn’t. We just want you to listen and take our side. Okay?


Every time we have a disagreement, I want to be able to talk about it and resolve it. It will not just disappear. Issues don’t just disappear and talking about them does not mean I want drama or that I like arguing. It means I want to talk about it so we can get past it because the relationship is important to me.


I am not saying you are not great in bed. I am saying I don’t like it when you do *ladies, insert something your man does that you don’t like* so stop doing *insert that thing you stubbornly insist on doing*. It’s just not working for me. Why don’t you understand this?

I don’t know if it is an ego thing but most men think they are so great at it that they cant possibly go wrong. The fact that a few of your exes may or may not have faked an orgasm doesn’t mean I am harder to please or that I am not as into you as they were. What worked for them might not work for me. We are into different things and that’s okay. I want you to be able to please me. For that to happen, you need to listen to me and actually get to know what turns me on. So LISTEN!

That’s all I’ve got for now. Ladies, perhaps this list isn’t long enough? If you have any other pet peeves when it comes to your guy, share them in the comments section. Also, guys explain yourselves! Why do you do these things? It would be nice to hear from you so feel free to talk about it.





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