EB WEDDINGS: A Love So Pure! Habiba & Max Fabulous Wedding & Sweet Love Story

A pure love makes the most beautiful wedding. Habiba and Max wedding is clearly one of the most exciting weddings so far this year, the wedding ceremony took place a day before Valentine’s day. While going through the white and traditional wedding photos, you will see that the wedding was colorful, fun and out of the ordinary, filled with so much love and joy that you will almost get carried away in the moments.

Habiba and Max’s love story is one to admire, their fabulous wedding is a testament to this.

Here’s their love story…


11:45AM April 18, 2013, I was coming out from a compound with blocks of flats were I went to visit my god mother in Abuja and then opening the gate, I saw the most beautiful lady I have ever set my eyes on and unknown to me the words ‘I love what I see’ came out of my mouth, it sounded rude and cocky (habit from watching suits sitcom everyday as I was trying to play Harvey Specter), but from the smile on her face I could tell that ‘she’s feeling the nigga’ and then I asked that she should forgive my manners and introduced myself properly (this time implementing the techniques of my fake British accent to woo her which she loved at first, not anymore these days though), I asked for her name and she said ‘Habiba’ and in trying to make sure that I was not dead on arrival I quickly asked if she was married, she giggled and said ‘NO’; that is the kind of ‘NO’ I wish for, even if I am the preacher of ‘Never take NO for an answer’….the ‘NO’ she gave was the right answer and I was not ready to practice what I had been preaching.


Moving on, after getting her number, I called her, we went out on dates, we got to know ourselves, I asked her to be my girlfriend; she turned me down a couple of times, I learned to be patient and to be persistent and I had to improve on my network skills (got close to her friends and her idol; her mum), I kept asking her to be my girlfriend (this time my toasting skills was tight) and then she gave in and said ‘YES’…


Then, a few days after our second year anniversary, we decided to take friends and family out to dinner at the Oriental Restaurant in Transcorp Hilton to celebrate. Unknown to ‎her I had told everyone invited that I was going to propose; that was a very difficult move to make, because I was thinking of ‘what if she says No?’, ‘what if she ruins the night and ask that she wants to think about it?…’, I thought of all the negatives and then during dinner, towards the end….she asked for dessert; I had earlier arranged with the restaurant to conceal the ring in a covered plate with rose petals as a dish of dessert which I asked her not to open as I’d love to propose a toast first….my gosh! that was the most difficult speech I had to give because I felt my heart racing so fast and my palms were sweaty as I was nervous. I got down on one knee after I gave the long speech (I cant recall what I was saying) and asked her to marry me; she paused, the world paused, my ears were acting up because I couldn’t hear her or she was not saying anything and then, she said ‘YES’….then my heart that was racing so fast stopped (or at least it felt so) and then she asked me to stand up and she hugged me and kissed me and then here I am today; planning a wedding and getting married to my best friend, my confidant, my peperempe, my baybee….I love her and want to be there for her forever.

Esther’s Blog wishes Habiba and Max a blessed and beautiful marriage…

Habiba and Max traditional and white wedding pictures below, captured by Ochai Samuel photography… Enjoy!!!

White Wedding Pictures | Ochai Samuel Photography





Traditional Wedding | Ochai Samuel Photography




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