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A Letter To Married Women

Dear married women the reason side chick are trending is because you are no longer spontaneous nor supportive.

Most of you disturb we married men on what you should cook when you have already made up your mind on what to cook, how many of you can pound yam and vegetable if he request for it instead you will suggest something easier.

We foot the bills while you save your earnings and still feel you have the right to disrespect us, most of you once you get the ring start demanding for househelp when you can even mention it during courtship.

You always want to win the discussion or argument.

Most of you believe it’s a man right to foot the bill but you refuse to accept its your right to allow him lead and if you don’t want him to lead believe me it’s a man right to cheat.

99.9% of the time during courtship you know you were not the only one in a race to earn the marital status and you pretend to act like the right one and once you get the ring you start believing you are the only one. Madam stop nagging and accept that there are women out there willing to make your man happy.

Just my advise think it thoroughly before you allow a side chick to make your man happy. Baby mama will be the trend in the next 5year cos most married men are not actually happy, most men are baby sitting their wife because our society disapprove divorce.

Dear young guys don’t marry if you are not ready to baby sit your wife.



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