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8 Reasons Most Ladies Are Never Married

Building a successful career and becoming the best one can, is what every woman desires, but like the adage goes: “A woman with a crown on her head is more respected than a woman with none”. Every woman wants to build a family, be called a mother and a wife. Some even try to force themselves on guys by getting pregnant for them so he can propose.

In most cases, it has backfired, creating break-ups which leads to various thoughts including a spiritual problem and finally becomes an emotional wreck, crying every night, running from one pastor to another.

But the question is have you really taken a good look at yourself? Have you considered your flaws and worked on them as well as those bad qualities of yours that pisses a guy off? Women are human beings too and as such, they have their own flaws just like guys.

Are you interested in hooking up, but still single? Check and see if you are guilty of the under listed.

INDEPENDENCE: This is not a bad, but be moderated. Don’t always turn a guy down each time he volunteers to pay your bills in the name of creating respect for yourself because it makes him feel he is not man enough. It is only a lazy guy that would be very glad if his woman keeps paying the bill every time they go out. Avoid turning down every surprise gifts or takeaway meals he sends to you. If you are not comfortable with it, put it to him in a way his ego will not be affected.

PRETENCE: One major slow-killing disease is pretence, if you really love your guy then why hide your flaws, show them or tell him voluntarily so that the two of you can work on it. We are imperfect in nature, everyone has his/her own flaws but the ability to work on them makes a girl seem more perfect than the other. Relationship is a school where one learns, so express your flaws and learn from the correction. Admit your wrongs and apologise; it helps a relationship blossoms.

PLAYING HARD TO GET: Playing too hard to get and love is the worst thing a lady can do to herself, claiming the guy would respect and honour them more for that or it will make it difficult for him to cheat. However, they forget that it is only a guy that wishes to be kept that would be kept. Rigidity is far from a right attitude, be flexible, caring and romantic. According to statistics, those that forms too hard to fall in love, easily fall for the wrong man; give the man a chance and when he fails, you work away; it is not a do or die affair.
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INSECURITY: Every girl loves to fall in love with a guy that they feel very safe and secured with, not a bully, a violent person or someone who complicates issues. Much as every girl would love to go for a problem solver and a mature mind but you don’t just assume everybody to be the same because you can’t judge a book by the cover. That some guys have suspicious look doesn’t mean that they are dangerous. In the same way, gentle guys may be poisonous.

FEAR OF TRUST: Every guy is the same; they are birds of a feather, pretentious, liars, cheats, betrayers and most especially, womanizers, are the words you hear from single ladies. Although it is not good to trust or love too much but try giving that guy, a chance before concluding he is a saint or a devil. It is love, trust, care and understanding makes a relationship wax stronger and better. Give someone a chance, age waits for no one.

WAITING FOR MR RIGHT: Most girls waste their time searching for Mr. Right that is none existing. Mr. Wrong can be groomed to your perfect taste, though not in all cases. Complaining about every guy’s behaviour would tag you a nagger and when they can’t condole it anymore, he makes a u-turn. Love conquers all and it is blind, so stop wasting your time looking for that perfect physical features and look for the guy with a perfect heart, that is the secret to all successfully marriages.
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LACK OF COMMITMENT: This may seem less important but it is the strong pillar that backs up a relationship. Many ladies experience break up because of their lack of commitment and it would continue to happen if they don’t learn how to be committed to their relationship. Every guy cherishes a devoted girl, who spares time out of her tight schedule to be with him, just to hang out and discuss personal issues. He need not say it, but his body language expresses it all.

MAKING YOUR CAREER A GREAT PRIORITY: As a career/ working class lady, you need to take your career seriously but not above your relationship because your boss either male or female, has a spouse and a beautiful family. So excuses like ‘I am not married yet because of my career”, is not tenable. One therefore, has to a strike a proper balance with her love life and career; none should be an impediment for the other. When a girl begins to give excuses using career concentration, a man who can’t tolerant such, will make a u-turn and you end up becoming another emotional wretch.

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