7 Likely Signs That Your Partner Is “Cheating ” On You

If you think your partner is cheating, the chances are he/she is. Trust your instincts. When in doubt though, observe if they do any of these.

1. They Take their Phone With them every Time they Go Into The Bathroom,kitchen or have to keep some short distance within they same space with u. tHey cannot bear the thought of leaving their device in your care, hence he or she resort is to take it with them everywhere they go.If they can’t can’t trust u to keep their phones then how can they trust u to keep their lives( heart)?

2. They Tell You they aren’t Ready For A Serious Relationship Early On; Yet they continue to talk to you and lead you on in a way that seems serious. You accept this because they are handsome,pretty,celebrity,rich or some a nice guy or lady and maybe they are “the one”.

3. They Put their Phone On Airplane Mode; This way, incoming messages are blocked and you can’t see what they are receiving.once u are together they either say they want to give u time and don’t want disturbances by switching off their phones or somethings… It’s a false alarm

4. They have More Friends That Are The opposite sex Than You; You wonder why but you accept that it must because of how charming or pretty ur partner is.Its true about the law of ‘opposite attraction ‘ but it can also be a signal ….

5. Their Phone Is Always Off; The phone battery seems to die a lot more than the average person’s, making them unreachable for long periods.

6. They Take THIER Time To Reply You whenever you are chatting and keep saying its ‘ network ‘ or somethings trust me mistimes it’s Because there are others that need attention to, you are at the periphery of things.

7. They Freak Out When You Touch their Phone; They would jump at you from out of the blues and say you can’t look at their phone because they have some “secrets ” on it.

The bottom line is, cheating isn’t always flirting, kissing or touching. If you are having conversations with someone that you would not want your partner to see because you are afraid he or she might “misunderstand”, you are cheating.

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