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5 Reasons Why Ladies Should Pay On The First Date by “Love Doctor”

“Most Nigerian ladies go on dates without VEX MONEY or just 2000 Naira cash “.

A date is like an informal Job interview where pre-lovers and prospective life partners get to know each other by asking each other key questions so they can attest if they will be compatible or not . After a date it’s always advisable to rate your partner over / 10.

At dates, the questions and answers aren’t the main part but observations and other little gestures matter the most e.g.

  • Is your date rude to the waiter / waitress?
  • Is your date checking out the waitresses Ass or boobs?
  • Is he or she taking pictures of the food for Snapchat instead of talking to you?
  • If he or she offers to pay or forgets their ATM card or wallet.
  • If he doesn’t offer you the last piece of meat 🍖 in his plate.
  • If he or she keeps talking about their Ex.
  • If she uses spoon and knife instead of fork and knife.

That being said, The Cognition of some Nigerian ladies towards dates are pretty interesting. To mention a few :

1⃣Some Ladies don’t even take cab money or even 2,000 Naira with them on a date
2⃣They don’t have vex money in case their date is a psycho or tries to Over touch them
3⃣Offering to Pay is a sin Punishable by death to most Nigerian ladies. A Nigerian lady will NEVER offer to pay on a date
4⃣Some Ladies invite their friends without asking the guy. Mostly students, corpers & bankers do this
5⃣Some Ladies order 3 or more takeaway packs for their sisters at home or friends in the hostel without watching the body language of the man who’s paying first
6⃣Some Ladies order a big bottle of champagne, have just a glass of the champagne and say they don’t want anymore wasting a full bottle
7⃣Most Nigerian ladies order the hardest thing to pronounce on the menu because they believe it makes them classy. Most times they end up wasting it or are even allergic
8⃣For most Nigerian ladies, a date doesn’t mean 1 location but 2, so fellas have 2 locations in mind. 👆🏼Some of these points Listed above are reason why some ladies don’t get a call back after the first date.

These are the reasons why Ladies should on the first date :
1️⃣ There’s a concurrent perception growing like Wild Fire that all or Most Nigerian women are materialistic or ” Recession Girls”. The first date is an avenue to show that you’re different from every other lady.
2️⃣It reduces a mans control to demand sex from you. Most men believe that since she’s eaten my food, drank my wine, used my wifi I have the right to get into her pants. Most times this leads to a conflict on dates. Paying on a dates gives you control and Dominance on how the date should go.
3️⃣ The Offer. Offering to pay alone gives you a certain type of respect. It may be a risk to offer , but offering to Pay gives you some sort of standing and respect with your guy. He will tell his friends/ family after the date that you’re very considerate and you care.
4️⃣ Continuity. Trust me more dates will happen if you offer to pay or you paid for the drinks, tea, ice cream or at least something. You’ll definitely get a text back for more dates because he’ll be surprised that you’re caring and you’re different from other ladies.
5️⃣ Lastly, although for some reason men are intimidated by successful women but paying on a date shows you’re an independent lady and you can hold your own.

A lot of ladies will disagree with me on this, but in Psychology if a certain design is not working try randomization. There’s no harm in trying something new. This doesn’t mean you’ll pay for every date. It may be the first date, or subsequent dates. Try something new today. Be a rebel, a maverick.




CC: Joro Olumofin

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