5 Most Scandalous Nollywood Divorce

1. Kenneth Okonkwo: His marriage to the only daughter of CPM General Overseer, Ogechi Ezekiel, lasted barely for 2years, 2000-2002. The crashed marriage produced a son.

2. Chiege Alisigwe: The very beautiful Chiege was once married to Tony Ebbe, a senior police officer. The marriage lasted for only 3 months and produced a daughter.

3. Fred Amata: Fred and Agatha Amata’s crashed union shocked the industry. The marriage produced 2 kids, Fred later moved to actress Ibinabo Fiberesima, that image produced a cute daughter, but it also crumbled.

4. Kate Henshaw: Kate divorced her British husband of 10years, Mr Nuttal. This shocked her fans tremendously. The union produced a daughter.

5. Anne Njemanze and Segun Arinze: Fans were elated when beautiful Anne married Segun. We were also shocked when Anne left Segun and broke his heart. The marriage produced a daughter who is about 17years.

By Winnie Mark

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