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15 Things To Get Or Do For Your Woman On Vals Day

1. Victoria Secrets Underwear (Pink, Red, Black)

2. Dolce and Gabbana Hand Bag

3. Make up set

4. Get her Pregnant with Twins

5. Spa Treatment

6. Engagement ring (If you been dating for more than 6months and you are compatible)

7. Luxury hotel to spend the night

8. Flowers, chocolate and teddy bear

9. Angel Cologne by Thierry Mugler

10. Harrods or Selfridges Gift Card ( 500 Pounds to 10,000 Pounds)

11. Mc Donald’s Double cheese burger

12. Rick Owen Sandals

13. Wash all the dishes

14. Breakfast in bed

16. Lastly Make Love with Mercy😊


Written by: DK Olumofin

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