10 Ways Dollar Will Drop To 10 Niara

1. Reclaiming all embellished funds from Leaders who have participated in Corrupt Practises in the last 20 years.

2. Develop Agriculture and for export and revenue generation (Cocoa Exports, Beans, Rice Etc)

3. Close the Airports for 3 years flying in and no flying out (when people cannot travel our, they are forced to fix the country)

4. Develop an incentive based Technology hub that encourages youth to be innovative inward that can compete with the brightest minds in the world.

5. Diversity into Alternative sources of Energy Solar so as to attract Foreign Direct Investment

6. Introduce the Crypto Currency for Trades (Bitcoin etc)

7. Exploration of our other natural resources (Gold, Diamonds etc)

8. Investment in our Educational Sector such that the standards can’t compete on a global scale and people need not travel abroad to study

9. Build Health Infrastructure so people need not travel abroad for treatments

10. Increase income tax on higher income bracket (whilst of cos ensuring this goes to the right purpose) also increase tax on imported goods to encourage local production and purchase.


Cc: DK Olumofin

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